Friends may call to ask if they'd like to have dinner with them.

Sound familiar?

A flashy Youtube video may have shown a man driving in his new car and talking about how much he makes in a month.

It's so easy, right?

It's amazing how people can buy products they already own.

Only 4/10 of people can earn enough money from networks to allow them to work full-time, or to have financial freedom.

6 out 10 Network Marketing entrants fail.

We'll first cover the Top 5 Reasons Network marketing Fails. Next, we will show you a Business Model that has far more profit potential than Network Marketing.

Let's get right in...

False Expectations, and a False Company

Network Marketing's success depends on the products and companies you work with. But the question is: Which company should you choose? " "

Here's your $64k question.

Do your homework, read reviews and talk to people who made a lot of money by joining the company.

You don't have to join a Pyramid Scheme. This scheme is based on flashy cars and large multistory houses.

Network marketing is a popular way of making a living. People feel discouraged when things do not go their way.

Success takes time.

Creating wealth is much easier than other avenues like starting a business or becoming a doctor. Learning new skills takes time.

Prospecting for Friends and Family

Network marketing can be tempting. It's easy to focus your attention on your immediate circle of friends and family when you start.

This strategy has its benefits, especially if you have a relative in your target audience or if you have many college buddies. But, you'll eventually lose friends, or worse, become annoying.

To avoid being perceived as a salesman, it is important to think outside your immediate circle.

Prospecting is the key to building a business that makes you money.

There are No Obligations

Would it be worth your while to make this franchise a success?


You don't want to waste it.

An opportunity to start a business that is only a few hundred dollars should not be regarded as inferior.

You only need to commit a small amount of money.

Let me explain...

The goal of your initial investment is to get in the front door. Network marketers often don't spend enough time or money to grow the businesses they represent.

For their business to grow exponentially, a CEO must give it all of his attention. Network marketers refer to it as a day when they don't get the results they desire or make the money they need.

Truth is...

They were all 100% in?

Did they have the time?

Did the correct coaching take place?

As I have said before, coaching is crucial to network marketers' success. Sponsors who have just joined the company are often the ones who bring in too many recruits.

Sponsors might not be able to help the new recruit. The recruit might become discouraged and give up.

Frustration and Encouragement

I taught my son how to ride a bicycle at the age of 6 by pushing him and getting him moving.

The victim falls within 10 feet.

Did the rider give up?

Hell No!

He loved the bike so much that he wanted to learn how it worked. He loved this bike and wanted to become a big boy.

The man got back on the bike and crashed.

Again...and again.

How do you get it?

He found his balance after about the fourth or fifth time.

Network marketing is no exception. It is not an easy task.

Everybody has to have the same successes and failures.

Are You Sure Grant Cardone Was Successful in His First Venture into Property?

Think of all the musicians who had gigs to get started in their careers.

Elvis Presley used a truck to earn a living. Then Sam Phillips recorded him singing "That’s All Right Mama".

Don't let this discourage you from pursuing your dreams.

The Scary Little Word "NO!"

If you have had an experience like mine, chances are that you have heard "No" several times. It could even have been your last name.

Bill - You can't have another cookie!

Tommy - You can't paint the walls with crayons!

Cindy, no! Stop using mommy's make-up!

It's not surprising that "No" can cause us to feel the worst.

Did you know that the phrase "No" can bring us closer to "Yes?" "?

It is important to understand that when someone says "No", it's not directly directed at you, but they are saying "No!" to the opportunity. If they believe the opportunity is right in their lives, and at the right moment, they will sign up.

People sometimes say "No" when they don't feel the time is right.

Remember this:

Some will...

Some won't...

So what...

Next Who?


These are 5 Top Reasons Network Marketers Fail.

No one was trying to ruin anybody's day.

It wasn't even mentioned how damp the blanket was.

Network marketing was the main focus of COVID-19.

This one will be saved, however.

Your question is probably:

How do you run an online business?

Digital Real Estate

This sounds exactly like it does. Make money with digital realty

How it works

You could own 10 houses!

Apartments can be rented at $750-1000 per calendar month

Passive income ranges between $7,500 and $10,000 per month.

What happens if you have 100 rental units?

Building homes and apartment blocks don't require you to spend millions of dollars. You can spend only a few hundred dollars to create websites.

These sites are then ranked by search engines for the specific home-based services customers need.

Next search for local businesses that are looking for customers who will pay for information.


Digital Real Estate is a new way to make passive income on a budget.

Network Marketing allows you to compete against thousands, if certainly not millions, of people selling the SAME product or service to the SAME customers.

Digital Real Estate provides a competitive advantage with a profit margin between 85-90%.

I could go on, but I know you have any questions about building Digital Real Estate Assets and building your digital empire.

Here's a great place to begin.

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