December 30, 2021

Streak CRM Review

Small business owners need to be able to keep up with customers in a more efficient manner.

Streak CRM will be reviewed to see if it is the best customer relationship management tool.

Let's discuss how Streak CRM can work for you.

You'll find answers to your most common questions about Streak CRM and customer relationship management.

But, the most important part is that I will show you how I grew my internet marketing business to more than $40,000 per month mostly passively.

Streak CRM Reviews: Overview

Gmail plugin integrates with browsers to simplify email workflow.


These are the pros and cons of Streak CRM

  • Great CRM for free
  • You can discreetly sit in your Gmail inbox
  • The tool lets you create and manage any process.
  • Great productivity tools like email merge, tracking, snippets, and mail merging


Here are some cons of Streak CRM

  • Only works with Gmail
  • This CRM does not include all of the features that a full-fledged CRM

Learn Streak's Terminology

Streak uses a combination of columns, stages, and pipelines in order to create a robust CRM.

  • A process or workflow with multiple steps is called a pipeline.
  • These are the stages that represent the goals and guidelines for a process.
  • These boxes are where you keep most of the information about your prospects, customers, applicants
  • Columns: The arrangement of the information that you wish to store or collect in a single box

Streak CRM Review - Pricing and Cost

Streaks prices start at $129 per user monthly. The most popular plan is $49/month.

  • This free plan includes 500 boxes, 50 mail merges per day, email tracking, and snippets.
  • Solo Plan: $15 per Customer per Month. Includes private pipelines; 5000 boxes; 800 mail merges per Day; email tracking snippets and G Suite integrations.
  • Pro Plan: $49 per month. Unlimited boxes, individual and shared pipelines are all included.
  • Enterprise plan: $129/month. It includes unlimited boxes, private and shared pipelines, and unlimited mail merges per day. Email tracking, snippets, and G Suite integration are all included. You also get priority support, customized permissions and personalized billing.

What's Streak CRM?

The Streak CRM connects with Gmail accounts to allow you to manage all your email communications.

The streak allows you to track various sales, recruitment, and project management processes by creating customizable workflows.

This can be used to organize contact information for customers.

The Streak CRM provides a variety of additional resources to help improve efficiencies such as email tracking and mail merge.

It is possible to set reminders or assign tasks.

Streak CRM Tips

Streak CRM can be hard to use.

It is beautiful and easy to understand.

Here's how I use Streak.

Download the Streak Extension

Add Streak to the Chrome Extension Gallery or Chrome Web Store first.

The application will not be available in other browsers.

Streak is only available with Gmail. Access to your inbox will be granted to you.

Set Up Your Pipelines

After installing Streak you can start creating workflows within your company. Streak makes use of pipelines to automate multiple tasks.

I use the streak for managing leads, from initial outreach to closing customers Another pipeline helps organize projects from conception to completion

You can create your own pipelines using Streak. However, you will find many pre-built guides to help you with business processes such as support tickets, recruitment, and investment deals.

Create pipelines to manage certain workflows in your business.

Add your Stages

After you have decided on a process, make sure to include various stages in your pipelines. These stages are the product's progression from start to finish.

My pipeline phases are ****Lead, Demo > Negotiating. Closed Lost and Closed Won ****.

You can add or remove stages as needed.

Modify Your Columns

Once you have established your workflow you can now decide what information you want to record.

Streak displays information in columns. You can also add, move, or delete information

Customizing fields using dates and checkboxes to create contact information types can be very helpful.

Streak's Magic Columns are a very useful feature, which I have just begun to use. These columns can be generated instantly using the information Streak has collected.

Add emails to a box

Streak stores all information about candidates, clients, leads, and clients in one place called a "box". One row is what makes up your pipeline.

You can send a package through every stage of your pipeline.

Track information by associating an email you receive with a field in your CRM.

The Streak allows you to add emails to your mailbox by clicking on the package icon. It contains an address from a contact thread and when you are creating a new mail.

Manage your boxes

Click through to see more information about private conversations.

The following section provides information about email, call logs, and notes.

View all changes, assign jobs and set up follow-up reminders.

Each package contains a lot of information. You can personalize your package and add details to suit your needs.

What do I Love About Streak?

Streak is a combination of Gmail's simplicity and power with a strong CRM.

In this post, I'll share my passion for Streak with you and explain why it might be a good fit for your business.

Let's get started.

You can create any type of workflow

Streak is known for its ability to use any CRM system.

Streak CRM is a tool that can be used for managing customer interactions. This tool will help you to create workflows that can be used for everyday tasks in your business.

I love the streak for tracking new leads. Streak is my favorite tool for tracking new leads and building pipelines to monitor and control task performance.

Any procedure can be deconstructed and recreated in Streak

To prioritize and manage IT assistance requests or improve content creation, a ticketing system might be necessary.

The Streak could allow you to upgrade other applications, which could lead to significant savings on your monthly subscriptions

Amazing Team Collaboration Capabilities

Streak, the sole user of my software program. However, it offers many collaboration features.

You can also create teams. You can create Sales Team A, assign different roles to each individual (owners, users, payers only), and share multiple pipelines.

Create a shared pipeline so everyone has the same access.

Users may also be assigned containers using comments, assimilation days, and setting reminders.

Email Power Tools

Streak CRM software is now available.

These features seamlessly integrate into your inbox. This makes it easier to work efficiently and provides valuable insight into how things work.

Scheduling and Email Reminders

I snooze often, not just in the morning.

You can temporarily archive a contact, then move it to the top of your inbox later - similar Boomerang Gmail extensions.

If I get an email Friday afternoon, but I don't feel like responding by Monday, I can click the clock icon to snooze it. When I'm ready, the email will be archived.

To enable the snooze feature, you must turn on the dialogue view of Gmail.

It is possible to include messages that are only available at a specific time.

Streak can send your email immediately if you don't want it to wait until tomorrow.

A Free, Effective, and Affordable Plan

Streak can also download free of charge.

A paid plan is also available. Many of the features can be found in the free version.

Free version for freelancers and small business owners.

Streak CRM Weaknesses

You need to review this list before you start using Streak in any business.

This CRM does not offer the same functionality as a top-tier one.

The streak plugin is for Gmail.

Some options are not available in the software, such as those offered by a dedicated CRM platform. For instance, the software's automation capabilities and reporting/forecasting functionality are limited.

The version of Zoho CRM allows you to create workflows to automatically replace fields, send emails with messages, and place tags if necessary.

It is possible to create complicated workflows that support multiple stages in the product sales process.

Streak does not have this functionality. It can however offer a simple CRM that allows for multiple connections to multiple pipelines.

Streak relies on G Suite

Streak is a niche product. It was created exclusively for Google.

Streak can only be used with Google Chrome or Safari.

This may be a problem for Outlook users, but it is not always a bad idea. Streak knows its target audience. They are satisfied with the service.

Is Streak CRM Right for You?

You can use Streak by freelancers and small businesses that use Gmail. It's affordable, highly customizable, and integrates easily with other Google resources.

Streak doesn't have full-fledged CRM capabilities. Which could mean it might not be appropriate for bigger businesses that require superior workflow automation and in-depth reporting/forecasting.

It isn't difficult for me to manage my business. Streak lets you manage multiple workflows (sales and recruitment, project management, etc.) from within your email inbox.

Streak stores all of my contacts' information It manages all of my interactions.

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