Sometimes it can be difficult to turn your business ideas into reality.

Here Northwest Register Agency is at work.

They make it simple to form your limited liability corporation (LLC).

Northwest - Setting up an LLC

It's simple. Choose your state. You have two options.

Next, you'll need to decide whether to get a free PDF or do it yourself online.

Free PDF Download

The form is completely free. Follow the instructions in the PDF to complete the form. After you are done, you can submit the form to your state with the filing fees.

Self-Service Do it Yourself Online

Northwest must open an account. You can follow the steps, or you can hire a Northwest Registered agent.

Click on "Free Business Forms" to get started. You will receive the link to file online in your state or information for your Secretary.

Northwest Registered Agent

Click the "Hire Us” button to hire a Northwest registered agent. Double-check to make sure your state was selected.

This page contains information about your company, including your name, physical address and phone number.

Your home address should not be listed in an LLC. This information will be available to the public.

You must choose a resident agent. They may also offer LLC services.

It's easy to start your LLC.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Prices

Northwest doesn't offer LLC formation packages.

Flat rate $225 plus state filing fees.

There are many other services that offer LLC formation. They come with confusing packages which can be difficult to understand.

What you get.

LLC Filing ($225 + State fee)

Name Search

Use the state's business databases search to locate the name that you want for your LLC.

Preparation of your Articles of Organization and their filing

These documents contain all the information you need to create an LLC in your state. These documents were prepared by Northwest Registered Agent.

Service as a Registered Agent for one year

Designating a registered agent is mandatory. They will be able to access important documents regarding your LLC. All mail will be delivered to the address for the first year of Northwest. Each subsequent year, $125 is charged.

Operating agreement

No operating agreement is required to form an LLC.

Quick LLC Filing

After you have paid their fee, your paperwork to form LLC will be quickly processed by Northwest Registered Agent.

Features of Northwest Agent

LLC Formation Service

A $225 filing fee is required for LLC formation. This includes a $100 agent fee and a $100 filing fee. There might be additional fees, depending on where you live.

However, this is not the most cost-effective. Inc Authority provides free LLC formation services. You can also get a registered agent service for free for a year.

Registered Agent Service

This service is included in your LLC is filed through Northwest. The cost for this service is $125

All correspondence from the Secretary of State, including government notifications and business notices, must be sent to a registered agent.

Name Verification Google

Northwest Registered Agent offers this service at no charge.


Northwest Registered Agent can provide you with information about your company in order to ensure that your LLC is approved by your state.

Operating agreement

Customers who form LLCs don't need to sign an Operating Contract. It provides information about your company and details your operational and financial decisions.

The order of Northwest Registered Agent includes this information. You may also file taxes.

Customer Services

The Northwest Registered Agents are a great choice. They can be reached whenever you need them.

Online Access to Documents

It's easy to track your LLC on the Northwest website. Your documents will be available to you at all times

Reminders Annual Report

Northwest Registered Agent will email you reminders free of charge. This feature could save you a lot of money on penalties and late fees.

Even the most organized person could overlook this annual fee.


Each letter sent to your LLC's address will be scanned and uploaded. Northwest will notify the recipient immediately.

Services in-house

All LLC services can all be done in-house by Northwest. Northwest has an office in each of the 50 US states.

Same-day Processing
Strong Privacy Policies

Many LLCs sell information to businesses such as web design firms and marketing agencies. Northwest Protects does not sell information.

Contacts for Public Records

All information that you enter in an LLC will be made public. Spam will be sent directly to your email address.

This can be easily avoided by using a registered agency A registered agent will provide an address, which will stop anyone from sending mail your way

Additional Features

Annual Reporting Forming Services

Northwest can assist you with your filings each calendar year. They will also provide their address as contact information.

Although you won't be required to pay any fees at first, you will be notified 90 days before the due date. A $100 state fee will be charged.

EIN (employer identification number) (ranges between $50 and $200).

Every company must have an employer identification code. The Northwest Registered Agent will contact the IRS.

Mail Forwarding Services ($50 per month)

As part of their mail forwarding services, Northwest will assign you a unique suite number. Online mail protection is possible.

VOIP Business Number ($9/month)

Northwest will provide you with a voice-over IP number (VOIP) to use in your business.

Corporate Book & Seal (80 USD)

These premium corporate books are made of synthetic leather black leather with laser-engraved corporate embossing.

Virtual Office

Your LLC receives a virtual office lease along with a suite number.

S Corporation Choice with IRS (50)

Northwest can help you complete all forms required to apply for an S-Corp Election.

Certificate Of Good Standing (50 US Dollars)

To be able to expand in other states, you will need a Certificate of Good Standing. Northwest can help you by making sure you comply with all state laws.

Certified Copy (50).

Certified copies are sometimes difficult and frustrating. Northwest can help you with this.

FMCSA BOC-3 File ($125 annually)

Northwest manages all aspects of scanning your service and uploading it.

What services does Northwest provide?

Register as an agent

You can get this for free if your LLC uses its services. For those who only need their agent services, it will cost $125 per year.

This will secure your home address.

Start An LLC

The flat $225 fee for forming an LLC is included with any state fees.

These allow you to

Start A Corporation

Northwest incorporation fees vary depending on where you are located.

Start a Business

These people can help you get your business started quickly.

Pros & Cons Of Northwest

Northwest Pros

  • Great customer service. Northwest Registered Agents are available to assist you at any stage of the process.
  • Their LLC services will allow you to register your business for a year without any fees. This service costs $125 per year.
  • They can file within one day. This is a common charge for other LLC formation services.
  • All personal data are kept private. Northwest is no different.

Northwest Cons

  • Northwest is not the most cost-effective. It charges $225 plus state filing fees. Other companies may charge hundreds more.
  • It's easy to find customer reviews for a company that has been around for more than ten years. There aren’t many negative reviews.

Does it make sense to pay for an agent's service?

If you do not have a physical business address, you will need your home address to create an LLC.

This is not what you want.

Which are Northwest's most important competitors?

ZenBusiness could be one of four potential competitors to Northwest. IncFile. LegalZoom.

These services are cheaper than Northwest and Inc Authority, and you will get one year of registered agent support for free.

There are many add-ons that can quickly increase the cost of yours.

But, they don't always offer same-day processing.

Is LegalZoom's Registered Agent Worth It?

LegalZoom is a company that many people think of when they are looking to start a business.

But, great marketing doesn't always make the best choice.

LegalZoom is the largest pricing and service difference between Northwest and.

Despite having longer customer support hours than Northwest, LegalZoom is still able to help customers

LegalZoom charges $99 a year for their services. They do not offer a year of registered agent services for any of their services, as Northwest does.

If you don't intend to use registered agents services, LegalZoom may be an option. A physical address will be created that can be used to open brick-and-mortar stores.

Which Registered Agent Service is the Best?

This is not about merit. You will get the best value for your money with the best services.

Northwest offers core services such as annual reports and registered agent service. Online Access to Your Documents is Possible.

Although you will need to pay state fees and LLC services with other service providers in order to use the registered agent service, is completely free.

You need to be clear about what you want in order to get the best LLC service for a fair price.

Can the Northwest Agent do it?

Northwest provides excellent customer service since 1998.

They're well-known for offering reliable LLC formation services.

They get great reviews.

Review of Northwest Agents

Despite being less expensive, they've been helping businesses for more than 10 years.

They care about your success and have an excellent customer service team.

Northwest Registered Agent offers many advantages over other service providers. They care deeply about their customers and provide great support for businesses.

Northwest Agent

Northwest can be your best choice if you are looking for LLC services and a full year's registered agent services.

Northwest Registered Agents shouldn't be recommended

Avoid unnecessary extras to save money.

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