Are books something that interests you? Are you interested in learning more about books for work or school?

Perhaps you are looking for an easy way of finding information and books and to add them to your "to-read” list. You don't know where to start.

Welcome! Let's take a look at MentorBox, today's most popular app!

The MentorBox app is a great resource for both book lovers and savvy readers. It may not be for everyone.

Let us know if you think the Mentorbox review was worthwhile.

We'll examine many aspects of Mentorbox in order to determine if it is the best mentorship.

These books can help you choose the right online business.

This section will address your most common questions regarding Mentorbox and mentorship.

We'll also show you how our online advertising business grew to more than $40,000 per month, mostly through passive marketing.

All mentorships are a guarantee of success. uses the same skills but in a more profitable and powerful manner.

What Is MentorBox?

Learning is an integral part of all education, formal or informal.

Knowledge is power according to them.

Some people have trouble reading books.

To understand and gain knowledge, you could read books.

Here is where MentorBox comes into play.

Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez recognize that not all people have the time or ability to read and finish books.

MentorBox was created to help busy readers save time while still getting the essence of books.

MentorBox was established by Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez. You can access thousands of books to improve your skills.

MentorBox is a tool to learn skills in business and any other areas that you might be interested in, such as hobbies or home improvement projects, DIY, or even DIY.

Log in to your mentor box account to browse and access mentor accounts. Get expert advice from CEOs and renowned authors.

There is a wide range of topics that can be covered in.

The video also includes supporting videos that can be used by visual learners and non-readers.

You're unique!

Online sessions allow you to choose from many mentors. Facebook also offers a mentor box. You can also access Alex and Tai here.

MentorBox books can be a great resource for self-improvement.

Read helpful product reviews to help you decide on your subscription plan.

MentorBox sends you books?

Subscriptions are $7 per month. Subscribe to the service for $7 per month or purchase an annual subscription for $59.

A physical subscription plan costs $89 a month. The plan includes three books, two USB flash drives with lesson summaries and lessons, as well as three books. You will also find cheat sheets and worksheets in the books.

Other small office accessories, such as bookmarks or magnets, may also be included in the box.

What does MentorBox compare to other applications?

MentorBox is an improvement on Audiobooks or Blinklist. It provides audio and books, as well as worksheets.

TheBlinklist provides book summaries, while Audiobooks provides more detailed material in an audible format.

Mentor Box doesn't require you to read a book.

Mentor Box can be downloaded for free. There are also memorization and cheat sheets.

Are there other MentorBox options?

Other options are available such as Audiobooks or Blinklist.

  • Book summaries and reviews can be found online.
  • Amazon Audible – You can listen to audiobooks full-length through Amazon's subscription audiobook program, Amazon Audible
  • Power Moves- The Power Moves provides book summaries and critical reviews.
  • Readingin Graphics is a website that provides information graphics, images, and illustrations. It can be used to summarize books on personal and business development.

Who invented MentorBox?

MentorBox was founded by Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez. They aim to provide book lovers with an online platform that allows them to access thousands upon thousands of books from any location.

Tai Lopez: Are you a person?

Tai Lopez was born in Los Angeles. His most notable achievements include his podcast "The Grand Theory of Everything" and his large social following.

He is also the founder of The 67 Steps mentorship program and the largest book club in the world, with over 14 million members. " "

Lopez was a Los Angeles native who was raised by his grandma. He began selling various goods and products.

Interviews reveal that Tai was heavily influenced and inspired by his scientist granddad. Alex and Tai love books and they share the same passion.

Before he was a successful engineer, he was

How much is Tai Lopez worth?

Tai Lopez is a remarkable individual with a net worth exceeding $360million. This sum is what Tai Lopez has amassed over his 20-year professional career.

That's how rich he is!

This is a $44-million-dollar home in Hollywood Hills.

Tai Lopez is a great person and will continue to increase his net worth by getting involved in.

How about his personal life?

Lopez is single. Kenna Alastair, a Los Angeles-based model, is single.

When he's not at work, he loves to play basketball or mixed martial arts (MMA).

Currently, he lives in Hollywood Hills.

Alex Mehr: Who are YOU?

Alex Mehr is an exceptional online investor and entrepreneur. Mehr has founded more than 30 companies with combined revenues exceeding $1B.

He is currently the CEO and co-founder at MentorBox. Mehr attributes the success of MentorBox to many CEOs and authors he considers mentors.

Later in his life, he realized that the education system was not up to his expectations and decided to change it.

Together with Tai Lopez, another entrepreneur they created what would be one of the most popular educational platforms worldwide for thousands.

Alex Mehr earned his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Sharif University of Technology in 2000. After receiving his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology, Alex Mehr went on to complete his Ph.D.

In 2006, he enrolled at Haas School of Business. However, after only two years, he decided Zoosk was his best choice.

How can I sign up for MentorBox?

MentorBox ads are available everywhere

These ads are all over the internet. Soon, you'll be able to sign up for an account or request a trial.

The trial pack can be used for 3 days without a subscription.

After you complete the free trial, 7 per month will be automatically charged to your account.

Two subscription options are available. A monthly subscription costs $7 per month, while an annual subscription costs $59.

Both will allow you to access online programming as well as a physical subscription

You can also subscribe to the physical box for $89 per month if you prefer books in printed form.

These boxes are for book lovers only.

MentorBox was designed for both.

This book is great for both readers and non-readers.

This product is perfect for you if you love to read but don't have time.

MentorBox allows you to highlight and take notes.

It is possible to create a book and reading lists by using the interface.

Who are those who don't like reading?

The study guide contains notes and tips for people with reading difficulties.

The Cheatsheets can be found in the same folder as the general information.

MentorBox’s video feature is getting a lot of attention, especially from younger visual learners.

MentorBox's Mentors: Who are they?

MentorBox mentors can be senior executives or experienced authors.

All online mentoring and teaching are offered.

MentorBox offers a free trial

MentorBox offers a 3-day free trial. MentorBox offers a free 3-day trial.

Does MentorBox Have A Website?

It is. Go to their website

MentorBox will give you a brief overview through a short introduction video. This website also offers a free trial subscription.

You can read reviews before you sign up.

You can search for information about any product and select the right subscription plan.

To ensure that you are secure, the trial pack can be used for three days. This will allow you to get a firsthand experience with the app, from the user interface to customer service to booking quality.

Beware of sales pages that may promote upsells and discounts.

It is recommended that you use the trial pack first, then move on to the full-size versions.

Is it possible to use MentorBox on my mobile device?

Yes, you can.

The MentorBox app can be used on any device, including your tablet or mobile phone.

This news is good for commuters, and anyone who loves reading in between school and work.

Can I get a refund?

Let us suppose MentorBox isn’t for you. MentorBox's 30-day money refund guarantee will allow you to return your money.

You can cancel your order within 24 hours.

Refunds may take some time. It is possible that you have been charged for the paid version before you receive a response to canceling your trial version.

Pros & Cons Of Using MentorBox

MentorBox receives both good and bad feedback from customers.


  • Unlimited access to thousands (or even thousands) of videos, books, and information each month is one of the key benefits of MentorBox.
  • This product makes it easy to choose and read books. MentorBox offers excellent book recommendations.
  • MentorBox books contain study materials that are accessible from anywhere.
  • MentorBox books are a large part of book lovers and savvy readers.
  • This column contains additional information that will help you remember the most important details about the books.
  • MentorBox offers a bookmark function that allows you to quickly return to the place you left off.
  • You can subscribe online to receive a physical subscription.
  • This app is geared towards entrepreneurship. The books and other supporting materials will improve the business skills of businessmen.
  • You also have access to their extensive network of mentors.
  • You can return your purchase within 30 days.


  • Contact mentors directly to get lessons or sessions.
  • Mentor Box reserves all rights to modify the subscription prices without prior notice.
  • Customer support is slow, especially when canceling your subscription.
  • Books for business can be very expensive.
  • Some Mentor Box books do not include author summaries.
  • There may be errors or omissions regarding authors in the information sheets.
  • MentorBox authors promote and support their work, as well as the books that they have in MentorBox.
  • Sales pages often make many promises.
  • Now, let me get to the next point. MentorBox appears to be designed to sell more things than it teaches. This makes the sales funnel a bit shady.
  • Some users expressed concerns about the MentorBox Mastermind group leader. This group is core and should be led by someone.
  • For renewals of your subscription, your credit card will automatically be charged.
  • Customer service is generally poor and inefficient. Customer service is slow and inefficient.

Why is MentorBox upsells so important?

Mentor Box offers additional products to go with its regular subscriptions. Money, investment club and

Audio Book Nuggets

MentorBox is starting to upsell the "audiobook nuggets" product. They will give audiobook summaries, lists, and highlight the most important points.

Although audio upsells are possible in many books, $89 seems excessive.

It is shocking that Alex and Tai charge so much to do such a common procedure.

You get a basic subscription instead of a feature.

Entrepreneur Academy

This item is more difficult to find. For a high-quality product, audio recordings should be priced at $89 and $20, respectively.

An unusual title would suggest that it should be priced higher.

You won't understand the sales video because it confuses you.

It doesn't make huge claims such as "This is the best training" or "This can transform your life." This is a terrible pitch.

It is reasonable to expect more from creators, given their success.

Instead of a confusing pitch, you will get a 60-second video sale video...

This man seemed confused about his pitch.

This bundle is believed to contain a collection of standard learning videos.

Nothing extra or special.

Money and Investment Club

This is the third upsell.

The Money and Investment Upsell did not make a coherent pitch. It is difficult to see what they are selling.

These people promise vague promises about how they plan to start a movement, and how it will change your life.

Our expectations were low for this Money and Investment Club Program.

Investing can be a great way of making money, even though it may sound silly.

Our online business grew by $40,000+ each month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your order easily.

You will not be eligible for a refund if you don't receive your refund.

The customer service team will process your cancellation request and refund your money.

MentorBox has some limitations. When you cancel your subscription, customer service issues can be common.

Send your queries and concerns to [email protected]

MentorBox Customer Service: What is it?

Mentor box accounts are not just for customers' support. There are many other reasons.

Any questions, concerns, or requests can be sent to any app, as well as any page on Facebook.

They take a long time to respond to these inquiries, which is disappointing for both existing subscribers and former subscribers.

Despite their claims to be available 24/7 (on their sales pages), it is often a long time before they can respond or offer any solutions.

Is MentorBox A Scam Company?

Not at all!

MentorBox doesn't look like a scam.

We have received many complaints from customers about our product. These include poor refund policies, excessive charges, and automatic credit card charges that are not notified when you renew.

MentorBox account won't allow you to access all online classes.

Kinda shady, right?

MentorBox seems not to be designed to teach or share knowledge but to sell more products.

Customer reviews suggest that the sales funnel is more like a "But...There's more!" " technique.

That could be your answer.

You can start an online business.

This is your #1 choice!

This is not Mentorbox. This is not Mentorbox. It gives real proof of success by people who were there only a few days before.

The Mentorbox Physical Box Review: Is It Worth It?

It is a huge No.

MentorBox subscriptions that include physical boxes are a waste.

A physical box will include two to three books as well as a USB stick with materials such as study guides and cheat sheets.

Three books and additional content are available for $89 per month.

It is outrageously expensive and extremely high priced, I would argue.

How can you select which books will be included in your monthly subscription?

It doesn't matter what you do.

MentorBox's selection criteria influenced the selection and relevance of books for this box.

A random selection of trinkets and books will be sent to you

MentorBox can be a great option if it interests you. You get access to your favorite book and information online starting at $7

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What Is MentorBox?

Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez founded Mentorbox, an online learning platform. Mentorbox requires a monthly subscription. You can access thousands of books, summaries, cheatsheets, and many more.

Is MentorBox Worth It?

You can decide quickly if this app is right for you with the free trial subscription. It's not, however, with all the upsells it comes with.

Is MentorBox A Scam?

MentorBox isn't a fraud. MentorBox's packaging and sales funnel to make it seem like a scam.

How much does MentorBox cost?

The initial monthly fee for a subscription is $79. This will increase to $59 per annum. The physical subscription costs $89.

Which are the alternatives to MentorBox

We suggest AudioBooks or Blinklist replace MentorBox.

How can I request a return?

You can visit their website to request a reimbursement. This problem is common with mentorBox customer service.

Mentor Box Review Conclusion: Is Mentor Box Any Good?

Alex Lopez did an amazing job creating this online platform for both readers and non-readers.

MentorBox is committed to improving customer service. MentorBox also offers additional benefits that make MentorBox more accessible to all, even those who have no passion for books.

For a low price, a 7-month membership is an excellent option. This membership includes study materials, book summaries, and books related to the subject. You can continue your mentorship online by clicking here

To participate in this online mentoring program, you must find a mentor. The program also includes lessons and live sessions.

This MentorBox review focuses on every aspect of the app including its strengths as well as its weaknesses.

MentorBox also offers physical subscriptions if you are looking for books in physical format.

Although $89 may seem high, it's well worth the $7 per month subscription.

To determine if the app is right for your needs, you can use it for free for three days. You can cancel your order and get a refund.

The refund process for Mentor Box customers can be slow. Customers have not been happy with the service.

Selling can be annoying and aggressive.

These people will convince you that every upsell you make is a charge.

It is not an attempt to sell more products.

MentorBox will be worth your time. MentorBox gives you a 3-day free trial.

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