September 28, 2021

Maps Mentor

Did you know that mentors are more likely to be paid higher salaries and get promoted faster than students who don't have them? Mentors can also help students make informed career decisions and connect them to the right people who can help them succeed.

Hence, MAPS is essential for budding e-commerce businesses.

MAPS Mentor is a topic many people hesitate to discuss without Mr. James. It provides mentoring through courses like Facebook Ads training and sales secrets.

Paul James: What are you?

Paul has been a leader in SEO optimization for over ten years.

Paul quit his nursing job to become a digital entrepreneur.

He was a huge success when he launched YouTube Channel.

Paul has more than 200,000 YouTube subscribers.

He is also the best-selling author of "Reverse Engineering Your Future: Stop Waiting For Success, Go Out to Make It Happen Now." This book received rave reviews. One reviewer called it "stimulating" as well as "inspiring." "

Google Maps: Building His Business

Paul founded his first 6-figure business and achieved a lot.

Paul created the original version of this training over a decade ago. It was named "Busy Business Bonanza". He called it "Busy Business Bonanza."

The flagship program of Google has been redesigned many times and modified during numerous changes to the algorithm, layout and other aspects.

It's a popular industry buzzword.

What's Maps Mentor 2.0?

The 2015 course that made Paul James a millionaire is now

Paul created an introduction module for people who don’t have much knowledge or aren’t sure about the topic.

This module will show you how to create a website, purchase a domain and use call tracking software for leads tracking. The previous version included SEO techniques.

Version 2.0 introduces Lead Gen strategies.

For those not familiar with Lead Gen Here's a quick definition

We'll start with the first version, then we'll move onto the next.

This was the first version that focused on SEO optimization. It started with niche research.

This course is designed to help small businesses achieve new heights and open up doors for potential opportunities.

His unique approach in " keyword hunting " is another aspect of the first course.

Paul shared three factors that you should take into consideration when choosing a keyword rank. These elements are listed alphabetically.

1. The Three Pack. It increases authority in location.

2. The suggested bid. This is the price at which a keyword will appear in an Adwords Google Ad.

3. Monthly Search Volume. This indicates how frequently a keyword was searched each month.

These categories should be used when you search keywords to determine if a business can easily be found.

The Difference?

Paul also uploaded a video on a new addon called Keywords Everywhere. It's available for Firefox and Chrome.

Maps Mentor 2 0: More Information

Paul created this version to be the most thorough and methodical. It covers all aspects of how he ranked clients on Google My Business.

The course includes six modules. Interviews with students who have succeeded are included.

This is the order in which operations take place.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program work? Will it live up to its claims?

Paul created this version to be the most thorough and methodical. It covers all aspects of how he ranked clients on Google My Business.

The course includes six modules. Interviews with students who have succeeded are included.

This describes the operation.

Is it a scam?

It is possible to be certain. There are many reviews.

Paul started his first course more than a decade ago.

Is it Reasonable to Pay?

Paul reduced costs to $300 USD

Maps Mentor 2 0 Reviews

Let's now look at the pros and con. There are pros and cons to every aspect of business.

Let's begin with the positive or the bad:

  • This program was created for beginners in SEO and lead-generation. For those who are just starting out in the field, this program will help you feel comfortable.
  • Paul is an old-timer at this game. Paul is a veteran of this game.
  • Course fee: $297

Now let's take a look at both the ups and the downs.

If your goal is to create leads, this course might not be right for you.

  • Videos can be interpreted quickly and easily.
  • This level is for people who aren't familiar with Search Engine Optimization.
  • The decision is yours. Each program has its pros and cons. If you answered yes, then you are on the right path.


Is this course worth it?

These programs can be trusted and are well-designed.

Find niches that yield positive results and learn how to generate leads. You might also consider a program that specializes on lead generation.

Paul's website has many more learnings. Heexcels is always improving and updating. He loves to share his knowledge. His service is exceptional and he is a true professional. He is happy for his clients and has helped many others in the industry.

Maps Mentor2.0 is currently closed for enrollment.

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