LimeLife MLM - Was the FTC Right To Say It's A Pyramid Scheme?

What's LimeLife MLM?

This is another MLM program (also called Network Marketing or Pyramid Scheme), where you sign up and buy a product package. Then, encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same.

This is true. It is promoted almost exclusively in MLM by high-ranking members who are paid via affiliate links

Selling out is what this is.

Although it claims to teach you how to be a network marketer and promote products, the majority of its members do very little.

This is false. You won't make a lot of money if you charge 30% commission on high-priced multivitamins and skin creams.

Lead Money has been our top recommendation for online success.

This review must be honest

LimeLife offers useful information to help make money online and get decent commission checks.

It's still valid, however!

These are the most common questions you have about LifeLife and network marketing.

Finally, you can see my exact strategy for growing my internet marketing business to more than $40,000 per month mostly passively.

I believe in network marketing.

Here's a longer article...

Let's get to LimeLife for now!

LimeLife Review

LimeLife, a multilevel marketing firm that offers a business opportunity for cosmetics and skincare products, is

My LimeLife reviews its structure, product lines, and, most importantly, whether or not it is a pyramid scheme.

To determine if LimeLife is the best platform to network market, we'll be looking at many aspects of LimeLife.

Discuss Network marketing What is the best model for an online business?

LimeLife Overview

Name by Alcone

Owners: L'Occitane en Provence; Michele Gay & Madison Mallardi

Joining Costs: $169 (one-time payment); $9.95/Month for your replicated website; $75 annual renewal fee

Official Website:

What's LimeLife by Alcone?

The original name for LimeLight was LimeLight.

Since 1952, it has been an MLM company that sells cosmetics and skincare products.

It's almost 70 years.

LimeLife has more trust than Rock & Roll.

LimeLife is an early cosmetics company that sold products to the entertainment industry.

It has been renamed, reorganized, and added new products to its product line.

It's still the company, even though it's a new brand. The company has been rebranded several times, the most recent being in 2018.

It's just curious to me why they have had to rebrand so many times. Customers don't like their existing branding.

This prevents the negative press from being published about people being conned.


Is LimeLife's Product Worth it?

Product prices range between $20 and $150.

LimeLife, a brand by Alcone, claims that its cosmetic and skincare products are only made with natural ingredients.

There have been many complaints and questions regarding this claim.

LimeLife products seem too expensive to me. This could be due to MLM downlines paying commissions.

The LimeLife MLM Business Opportunity

LimeLife offers two ways to make money in network marketing.

LimeLife members are the first to be Beauty Guide, who sells LimeLife products to other people and recruits them to the MLM.

Invite other people to do the same.

Sound familiar?

To market your products, you will need a starter set.

You will need to complete their online registration form.

How Much Does LimeLife Cost?

LimeLife offers 2 starter kits. Alcone:

  1. The Business Starter Kit is available in one version starting at $99.
  2. Gold Business Starter Kit Starting at $169 Four options are available.

These are only a few examples. Refer to LimeLife's beauty guidelines

If you have the funds, you can choose between the $169 Gold Business Starter Kit and the $169 Silver Business Starter Kit. These will allow you to purchase the first year for your company.

You'll first need to purchase a starter set before you can fill out the registration form.

Let's now see how much it will cost us to have our first year.

  • Basic Starter Kit @ $99 + 12 Monthly Website Fees @ $119.40 The total cost of the basic starter package for a business is $218.40
  • Silver Starter Kit @ $169 + 12 Months Website Fees @ $119.40 This will bring the total cost of your first year to $288.40.

While the fees are not too high, it seems that they are quite costly.

It doesn't matter about the fees but the "cost" of being a beauty adviser in this MLM program.

You will need to spend a lot to organize "home parties". This can lead to problems or even fallouts.

Your MLM upline will likely call you back with follow-up calls. These calls can be intimidating and pushy.

I have heard some stories so unbelievable that I felt compelled to tell them, "Stop being lazy." " "

These and other reasons are the primary reason beauty guides stop offering their services.

MLM seems to me, and I'm sure that many will agree, not the best model in 2021.

LimeLife Basic Business Starter Kit Edition by Alcone @ $99

This Business Starter Kit costs $99 and includes the following items

  • Perfect Eyeliner Pen
  • Perfect Mascara
  • Perfect Translucent Powder
  • Perfect Lip Gloss
  • Moisturizer
  • Travel Size Priming Spray
  • Travel-Size Setting Spray
  • Cleanser
  • Mini Powder Brush
  • Catalog & Training Materials
  • "Silver Business Starter Kit- Light" edition @ $169

    "Silver Business Starter Kit- Medium" edition @ $169

    LimeLife by Alcone's Silver Business Starter Kit - dark Edition @ $169

    LimeLife by Alcone - deep Edition costs $169

    Every silver business starter kit is $169 and includes the following items:

  • 10 Catalogs
  • Foundation Matching card
  • Training Materials
  • Cleanser
  • Face Mask
  • Moisturizer
  • Dew Date Oil for Face
  • Bamboo Renew Body Scrub
  • Blush/Powder Trio Palette
  • Perfect Eyeliner Pen
  • Perfect Mascara
  • Long-lasting Lip Liners
  • A timeless lip color
  • Perfect Lip Gloss
  • Two Perfect Lipsticks
  • Blender Non-Latex Makeup sponge
  • Select from Light, Medium or Dark Business Starter Kits.
  • These are the options available to get started as a LimeLife Beauty Coach.

    LimeLife - Can you Really Make it?

    Yes, you can...

    MLM is a difficult business.

    Top 5 Reasons Network Marketers Fail

    Now, don't get me wrong...

    MLMs can help you make money. To earn real income, you need to be willing to work hard while learning.

    This program allowed me to increase my online business by $40,000+ per monthly

    LimeLife MLM offers you the chance to earn up to 35% commissions upon signing up

    This will take time. Have a look at this compensation plan.

    If you are selected to lead a group, you will be paid a percentage of all sales.

    You can view the PDF compensation plan to see their sales figures and determine how much you might earn from each sale.

    You have 9 options to get a LimeLife beauty guide by Alcone.

    1. Base Commission
    2. Fast Start Incentive
    3. Enhanced Commission
    4. Direct Enroller Bonus
    5. Certified Mentor Bonus
    6. Leadership Bonus
    7. Leader Generation Bonus
    8. Executive Bonuses
    9. Car/Lifestyle Bonus

    You can choose to work as a beauty consultant full-time or part-time.

    1. You can choose the starter kit you prefer. The Silver Kit offers 4 colors to choose from: Medium, Dark and Deep.
    2. Next, fill out your online registration form. This is where you'll set up your replica site.
    3. 3rd, agree to their terms.

    LimeLife by Alcone Yellow Flags

    Incomplete transparency is the first sign that there's trouble. Leaders of teams won’t reveal how much they could earn.

    I don't like MLM and I don't want it to be a part of my hard-earned money.

    LimeLife is the second flag.

    An idea.

    How do you drive traffic to your website?

    The SEO will be terrible, I can assure you.

    Do you need to blog in order to get traffic?

    Maybe you could use social media.

    ads can also be bought

    LimeLife MLM Complaints

    Many have expressed concern about the Beauty Guides MLM model, and the products they sell.

    LimeLife MLM Scheme does not offer refunds to people who cancel.

    Many guides complain about not being able to withdraw before the next billing cycle and then being charged months later.

    Limelife's usual excuse?

    This is the contract members sign when they join. Many of their beauty practitioners have canceled.

    LimeLife continues to bill them month after month despite all cancellation requests from their beauty guide.

    These screenshots are from LimeLife by Alcone complaints, which were found at Better Business Bureau.

    These are complaints about the MLM scheme. A woman who used the cosmetics made the below complaint.

    These are just some of the complaints LimeLife. More information can be found on the Better Business Bureau website.

    Pros Of LimeLife MLM

    • It is easy to apply online. The $99 Gold Business Starter Kit and the $169 Silver Business Kit are available.
    • LimeLife's MLM opportunities cost only $75 The monthly cost of a replicated website is $9.95
    • Any business can benefit from training. I'm not sure how complete or valuable LimeLife MLM training is.

    Cons Of LimeLife MLM

    • It can be difficult to recruit new members to your downline or to market the MLM model.
    • There are some people who complain about the difficulty of canceling their LimeLife MLM Membership.
    • LimeLife products may cause skin reactions.
    • Websites that have been copied cannot rank. Websites that have been duplicated cannot rank. This is a great way to promote your affiliate marketing business, not an MLM.
    • To keep your MLM membership inactive, you will need to pay $75 annually. To keep your MLM membership active as a beauty adviser, you will need to sell at least $300 per month.

    Is LimeLife A Pyramid Scheme Or A Scam?

    LimeLife was founded in 1952 by Alcone.

    Multilevel marketers often have products that are unique, and sometimes even exceptional.

    There are many reasons to join an MLM.

    Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes involve the recruitment of people to make money. To help you build your team, you will need downlines.

    You can build a successful, profitable network marketing business.

    This is my #1 Choice!

    It is a new approach to network marketing. This shows real proof of success by people only a few days before.

    This applies for every recruit you bring to your downline.

    Recruitment can be the best way to make your MLM business a success.

    No MLM company can be called fraud or a scam.

    It's the same thing again: LimeLife by Alcone, and all MLM companies I don’t recommend.

    It's not an easy job. It will waste your time and money.

    It is hard to imagine how many people would feel pressured to create a downline.

    Recruitment is one thing.

    Imagine if you could convince people that your products are worth at least $300 to make sales. To make sales, some beauty magazines could send out spam to potential customers.

    Imagine that you are asked to market your company to other people to meet your needs.

    LimeLife sounds great, but I don't want to stop you.

    There are many business ideas that could make you rich.

    Lead Money are the #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2022

    This program was a great choice for the real estate market.

    This is digital, but not real estate.

    Yup, Digital Real Estate!

    LimeLife is a poor choice for making money online. Its inability to scale makes it difficult to make money.

    Your time is precious and you only have so many people to reach.

    MLM Companies are aware of this fact!

    They encourage you to's not a one-man/woman show.

    Imagine earning more with local websites.

    This digital real estate program can provide a steady monthly income, even if you don't have as many friends or recruits.

    Too good to be true

    Yes, it does!

    This is not the case. Many business people wish they had this skill.

    It's easy to rank and build a local website. Then, forward the jobs to business owners.

    Any service-based business such as tree service, plumbing or towing is eligible.

    What are the best ways to get paid?

    It is very simple. Once you have sent the job to a business owner, and he earns money, you can ask each other for mutual benefits.

    The industry will determine the fair price per lead. It could be between 10-20 %... Let us use the tree-service industry as an example.

    Let's suppose you rank the site but receive only 10 jobs each year. Tree service jobs can range in price from $500 to $2000.

    At most, you should have $500 per month in assets!

    It is digital real property. This is a rent payment.

    Scaling is easy. No worries:

    • Your upline getting paid before you
    • Encourage your family and friends to purchase from you
    • Every day, recruiting people

    LimeLife illustrates this. You can only get what you need.

    To get huge FLAT RATE DEALS, take the course that we recommend. This passive income is amazing!

    This program will assist you to make money online.

    Learn about the importance of keywords and website names. You can also send email notifications to your calls. Backlinking is another option.

    After completing the training program, you can access a Facebook Group that we think is better than LimeLife.

    LimeLife permits you to receive only $10 per sale. You could get 10-20X that amount.

    Businesses need more leads and jobs. They see the opportunity to expand their digital assets.

    LimeLife is a new way to get away from 9-5.

    Although passive income is possible from digital reality, the majority of your time will be spent with friends and having fun.

    You have many questions.

    For more information, visit this link.

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