If you are looking for a place to start your own internet business, iPro Academy may be the right place.

Let's face facts...

Marketing is an ever-changing industry. Learn new strategies and techniques from the iPro Academy.

I feel like I'm putting iPro Academy at a high level...

But Fred Lam stated...

"At iPro Academy we aim to assist you in achieving your professional goals.

The iPro Academy offers 17 courses including

  • AdTrics Academy
  • Zero Up
  • Facebook Playbook

All courses at iPro Academy will be of great benefit to you.

Think about this: "Will it work?"

To find out if iPro Academy is the best eCommerce course, we will be reviewing it.

Discuss whether eCommerce is right, and the issues that people face in ecommerce.

This is where I answer the most common questions you have about iPro Academy or eCommerce.

However, the most important thing is that I will show you how I created an internet marketing business that made me over $40,000 per month.

I was blown away by this system and now love eCommerce. It employs some of the same skills but in a stronger way.

Let's get started...

Fred Lam: Are you a person?

Fred Lam, a well-respected digital marketer and marketing expert, has been praised by many in the industry.

Fred is a digital marketer and media buyer, content creator, visionary goal-getter, mentor and content creator.

  • Start at Zero
  • Traffic Trilogy

He's very busy with and other activities at iPro Academy.

  • The Zero Up Course
  • Water charity
  • Trees for the Future
  • Water Liberty

With almost 4,000,000 views, his YouTube channel has 90k subscribers.

What are the advantages of IPro Academy's?

iPro Academy offers a free membership. This membership includes an assortment of introductory courses. You should purchase the paid membership if you want to learn more eCommerce.

Here's a list of the benefits you get from Premium Membership ( Cost: $197/month/1,970 per year)

  • All 17 courses and programs are available to you, as well any future releases.
  • Weekly live sessions for Q&A where you can ask questions
  • Fred Lam offers 1-hour coaching calls.
  • Get discounts on events sponsored iPro Academy
  • Agreements with third parties for all the software programs you need to run your business

Let's take a closer glance at the iPro Academy program to see what's inside.

IPro Academy Breakdown

The iPro Academy eCommerce courses offer 17 courses. Each course includes its own video.

More than 80 hours training will be provided by iPro Academy.

Zero Up

Zero Up is much more than a dropshipping platform. It is also a dropshipping school.

Dropshipping is a method of selling products to customers. Shopify offers access to its proprietary software. Zero up will show you how to launch and create an eCommerce business with Fred Lam's 5-step Software System.

  1. This includes
  2. Total 75 hours training videos
  3. Automation Tool for eCommerce
  4. The Zero Up Weekly Bootcamp
  5. Access to a private Facebook group
  6. Bonus Training Modules
  7. Bonus Tools: Zero Up POD, Zero Up Jewels, Pixel Bay

This course consists of seven modules that each contain 75 lessons. The main course takes approximately 16 hours.

One purchase costs $1,497 and three monthly payments of $597 each.

Print Profits

You can create your own clothing, such as hats or t-shirts, and have them made available for purchase

These other techniques can help create your brand (e.g. Print on Demand).

Print Profits offers you:

  1. Nearly 80 training videos
  2. Access their private Facebook Community
  3. Weekly Facebook Live Events
  4. 2 live coaching webinars every week
  5. Bonus Training
  6. Free Design Mockups daily

The course Print profits includes:

  • 8 training modules, and/or 78 lesson.
  • The course lasts 7 hours and 47 mins.

Course price:

  • Just $997 for a once-off payment
  • 3 Monthly Payments of $397

Ad Trics Academy

Fred will teach you everything you need to know about Media Buying. This skill is essential for any business.

Fred believes that the media buying skills you learn in this course can be used across all business models and help you get buyer intent traffic.

Adtrics can provide you with:

  1. Training Videos (77)
  2. Fred Lam offers live mentoring for eight weeks
  3. Facebook Group Access To Media Buyer
  4. Copywriting Course (4 Weeks)
  5. Marketers in Black are completely free
  6. Fred Lam offers you the chance to work with him

This course is:

  • 4 modules: 77 separate lessons.
  • The course lasts 7 hours and 55 minutes.

Course Price:

  • $1,495 One-time payment
  • Three monthly payments starting at $997

Masterclass for Influencers

Word-of-mouth advertising:

This term has been around for centuries. Professor Connor James from the University of Texas will show you how to promote any product on Instagram and drive targeted traffic.

The Influencer Masterclass contains:

  1. Training Videos (47)
  2. Research Tools
  3. Get access to the private Facebook Community
  4. Weekly Coaching With Connor James
  5. Access to Tiny.ie 30 days free
  6. Email Support

This course is:

  • 7 Modules, 47 individual lessons
  • Course length: 12 hours, 20 mins

Purchase the course separately

  • Just $497 for a One-Time Payment
  • 3 monthly payments starting at $197


Everything you need to know about starting an eCommerce business. You'll learn what products you should sell and what to do once you have made your first sale.

The following 3 conerstones will be used for the course:

AUTOMATION- While starting an eCommerce store may seem easy, it can be challenging to manage.

TRACKIC- Fred shows you how to use multiple advertising platforms to increase sales.

ANALYZING INFO: Advertising can be costly. It's important to understand where your money is most efficient.

In the eCompreneur Program:

  • 2 Training Modules
  • 17 Training Videos
  • Fred Lam (12 Weeks) Coaching session
  • Course length: 3 hours, 4 mins
  • Course price: $49 One time payment

Disclaimer: This course is for beginners.

Facebook Playbook

Over the years, managing Facebook ads has become more complicated than it should have been. Fred Lam designed templates to make it easier to manage Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Playbook includes:

  • Training Videos - Targeting Strategies Ad Strategies and the Best Templates
  • Lifetime Access

This course is:

  • 7 modules: 7 total videos, 1 video each
  • Course length: 2 hours, 25 mins
  • Course Price: $7 or $47 For FB Playbook and Masterclass

FB Playbook Advanced

This course will teach you more advanced strategies to grow your Facebook ads.

Facebook Playbook Advanced Features

  • 10 Training Videos - ROAS Advanced Data Analysis, Retargeting, and Retargeting. Advanced Scaling Lookalike Audiences
  • Access to Life

This course is:

  1. 10 Modules with 1 video
  2. Course price: $97

6 B.S. Framework

The BS is for "Badass Strategies". This sales-y way to show how different online business models work.

6 BS Framework contains:

  • 7 Training videos: Learn more about online business models like dropshipping, affiliate marketing and email marketing.
  • Email Support
  • Lifetime Access

This course is:

  • 7 modules, each with one video. These lessons provide a brief overview of each business model.
  • Course duration: 1 hour and 47 min
  • Course price: $47

ECOM Studio

How to make video ads that customers love. These two share their secrets.

eCom Studio includes:

  • Lifetime Access
  • Training Videos: FB Video Ad Formula, Cheap Video Making Tips, Ad Research, Outsourcing and The Thumbstopping Strategy
  • BONUS: Funnel Template

This course contains:

  • 7 Modules, 1 Video Lesson Each

Course price: $7

Google Playbook Basics

This course will introduce Google ads.

This course introduces you to Google Ads. It is not about the inner workings of Google Ads.

Google Ads Playbook also contains:

  • Lifetime Access
  • Training videos: How to setup the network in Ad Search Basics and Display, Gmail Sponsored ads, and More...

The Course Includes

  • 10 Modules, 1 Video Lesson for Each Module
  • Course price: $47

BING Ads Playbook

Bing is the stepchild of Bing when it comes to a marketing platform. MasterClass provides more information, so it's worth checking out.

The Bing Ads Playbook includes:

  • Lifetime Access
  • 11 Training Videos: These videos will show you how to do things and what not to do. These videos also include data tracking and insider secrets.
  • 8-Week Coaching

This course is:

  • 11 Modules, 1 video lesson per module

Course price:

  • Bing Ads Playbook $47
  • Bing Ads Masterclass & Playbook - $97


Chris Burgess, a Shopify program specialist, will show you how customize Shopify websites without having to hire expensive programmers.

This course provides information about eCommerce dropshipping.

Coding for Profit includes:

  • Lifetime Access
  • Training videos: Coding Basics and HTML, JavaScript HTML. The Shopify Language, and Other Topics

This course ends:

  • 11 Modules, 1 Video Lesson per

Course price: $27


This course teaches you how to build an email list in just 3 steps. It's easy to convert into passive income.

FB Leads Formula includes:

  • 8 Training Modules - Email Marketing, Lead Magnets, and FB Lead Ads
  • #1: Get the LeadsTunnel (30 days)
  • #2: Facebook Community (Private Invitation)
  • Bonus #3: Passive Income Checklist
  • Access to Life

This course is:

  • 8 Modules, 1 Video Lesson per

Course price: $497

Profit Jewels

Ryan Shin will teach you how to make money online selling your stuff. Hint - Shipping can be as much as the real deal.

You can make it happen without having to dropship from China. You can buy it and give away the rest.

It is possible to do this without:

  • Products
  • Stocking inventory
  • Previous Experience

Profit Jewels also contains:

  • 21 Training videos - Email Marketing Lead Magnets and FB Lead Ads. - Finding a good niche
  • Lifetime Access

The Course Includes

  • 21 Modules, 1 video lesson per module

Course price:

  • $197 One-time Payment
  • 3 Monthly payments $129


Fred hopes his students are successful in their eCommerce shops. Fred created this 21-day challenge to get you started.

He identified the key elements to eCommerce success and divided them into three sections of the training. To help you move closer to your eCommerce success, a week of training will be provided.

Each assignment is broken down into 21 sections This will help you be prepared for each assignment.

eCom Challenge includes:

  • eCommerce Challenge (21 days)
  • Ryan Shin, 6-figure Success Coach, offers live coaching
  • Workbook for the eCom Challenge
  • Checklist of the Best Products
  • The Facebook Ads Workbook
  • Masterclass Graduation

eCom Challenge Cost: $97

Is IPro Academy worth it?

It is difficult to answer this question. It is possible to spend almost $7,000. Some courses are introductions to subject matter.

This 21-Day eCom Challenge will light a fire under you ass), as well as other courses like

  • Bing Ads Playbook
  • Ecom Studio
  • Coding for Profit

Here's your chance to look inside an eCommerce store.

We ask you if you would like to purchase iPro Academy at $1,970 per year.

If you aren't feeling well, it might not be a good idea to buy the whole course.

  • Drop Ship Lifestyle
  • eCom Success Academy
  • eCom Elites

You will regret that you don't have any experience running an eCommerce store after these courses.

Each course is unique and has its own tricks and tips. It is rare that this happens more than once per Blue Moon, so $1970 is a very low price.

I don't like the eCommerce model.

Last Thoughts

The investment is worthwhile.

Fred will not tell you how to begin a business. He offers a business model that is based on his products.

Despite it seeming like a lot, everyone who buys the course will have the exact same template (with identical products) and can compete against you.

The course comes with an exam that you can take to verify you've taken it. It is unlikely that this will make a difference if you are trying to find a job.

A coach will go over the theory and show you some videos.

The course content is generally satisfactory but not as extensive considering the sheer volume of courses.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Ecommerce: Too much competition?

There's so much competition for ecommerce, it's almost comical.

Shopify lets you sell products online.

You can!

There are currently over 500,000 stores.

You might feel even more upset if you think about other ecommerce stores than Shopify.

We believe you get the point.

Let's do some quick math...

We know that there are only 10 spots in Google's first page. This means that no one buys anything from pages two or three.

How do you stand to win a niche market?

Since almost all stores sell the exact same products, it's only necessary to take 10/500,000

This gives you a 0.022% chance of landing on page 1.

If you use the digital realty model, we will discuss later, there will be 20 other competitors in any given area. But more later.

There are many people who can get started, as the barrier to entry is low.

It can be demoralizing to see others in the same position as you. Many people give up on breaking the glass ceiling.

We now come to the next point. This is why most people won't be able to break through the ecommerce wall.


Can I invest enough capital?

Ecommerce businesses are often unsuccessful because of this.

Ecommerce businesses need to be able to afford large upfront investments. This does not include shipping and marketing.

The majority of courses will run you around a few thousand dollars.

Let us face it, not everybody will have the money.

We are sorry that you didn't plan for all of the upfront costs. It's impossible to start an ecom business that is profitable with just $500.

You can start an ecom company for less than a traditional business.

Instead, we blame youtube videos and flaunted ads that make you believe you can start a small ecom business.

These links are simple to find, but they can be difficult to find. The issue of start-up capital has been a problem that not many ecommerce YouTubers have had to deal with.

There's good reason.

They wouldn't have the money to start ecommerce courses if they didn't.

It's true but it's not good.

Was Ecommerce a mistake?

Ecommerce can be a complicated business. Before you buy a product or start selling it, you should do thorough research.

Sometimes, it is impossible to sell the right product at the right time.

These can lead to sales stopping and leaving you with a lot of inventory that you must keep or sell.

People make a profit by selling products to make it easier to move on.

Making a mistake like this can spell doom for your whole business, especially if you are just starting out.

It is the reality of most people.

These products combine all the elements they have into one product.

They sell the business if it doesn't happen.

Poor Customer Service

Inadequate customer support is one of the biggest reasons that ecommerce businesses fail.

It can be difficult for a single operator to ship or acquire products around the globe.

It is possible to have many problems if the products are not delivered personally to your customers.

These issues are more common in smaller, newer ecommerce businesses.

This is often due to difficulties in contacting foreign suppliers during Covid-19. It can also affect communication with customers.

Customers won't abandon sellers if they don’t get their refunds and leave bad reviews.

Review are all you need!

Even though the reviews might not be very positive, it's okay for customers to start buying. It's unlikely that many sales will be made if the reviews are negative.

Here's what it looks like.


Our intention was not to rain on anyone's parade.

Not even mentioned was how difficult it is to ship during a pandemic.

This one will be saved however.

Your question is probably:

How do you run an online business?

Lead Money in 2021 is the best way to make money online

It sounds exactly like it does.

Here's how it works.

Locate a local service-based business to help you build a website.

Once leads start coming in, pass them on to the business owner so they can begin collecting the checks.

It's not that easy.


You can run ads on your website without having to pay for ecommerce. Hosting will cost $8 per monthly and domain registration costs $11.99/year

If you don't have enough cash, we may need to talk about other issues.

These websites that pay per lead are very passive and can earn a lot.

Once they have been ranked they can be used on autopilot.

Perhaps you are curious about the competition.

Almost non-existent

Ecommerce allows you to compete with millions upon millions around the globe.

Lead generation is a group of approximately 20 businesses that are located in the same area. Many people don't know how rank websites.

It's so easy!

What's the best?

These sites can be valued at $500 to $1,000 per month.

With just 10 websites, you can make $5,000- $10,000 per monthly!

The margins are between 90-100%. See it here!

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