September 23, 2021

InstaGC Review - How to Make Money Watching Videos?

InstaGC Review 2021 - Is It Legit? My Experience + Proof Of Payment

InstaGC can be described as a GPT used to fund InstaGC. SurveyJunkie is one example.

Earn rewards for completing online tasks.

InstaGC will be reviewed by our team. This is a platform that allows you to work from home.

Let's talk about whether GPT is right for you.

InstaGC or GPTs: Let me know your questions at the bottom.

But most importantly, I'll share the exact process I used to build my internet marketing business to more than $40,000 per month mostly passively.

Selling online can be a great way to make more money.

InstaGC Overview

Earning methods: Online shopping, surveys, video and installing apps.

Minimum Threshold: 100 Points ($1)

There are many payment options available: PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards, and PayPal.

Available in most countries

Register to Get a Bonus of 10 Points (0.10)

Refer a friend and earn 10 points plus 10% of your earnings

Summary: InstaGC, a legitimate GPT website, allows you to complete tasks and earn cash, gift card, or other rewards. You can expect to get your first dollar within two days.

Rating: 3.5/5

What's InstaGC?

InstaGC is a GPT platform that offers gift cards to help with various online tasks.

Each task earns you points. One point equals one penny.

Who are the target users?

COPPA states that users under 13 years old are not allowed to use the website.

InstaGC can be accessed in all countries.

What's InstaGC?

Register here to unlock gift coupons

InstaGC was the test I took. I was capable of completing all options except Appen tasks and online shopping.

I was determined that I would continue to try new ways to earn points.

To get a better understanding, we'll be looking at some.

1. Online Surveys

Online surveys are the fastest way to quickly earn points.

When I tried to complete surveys, I was most often disqualified. Unexpectedly, I was disqualified from completing surveys once.

Sometimes it can be frustrating not knowing if you will win.

You can also take surveys on these sites: and Kiwi Wall.

2. Watch videos

InstaGC is the easiest job. This is because it is not as difficult as you might think.

1: You get one point per 20 videos you view. These videos can take anywhere from 1 to 7 minutes.

Videos can be as short or long as 5 minutes.

These can be viewed at the provider's HideOut.TV.

3. App Install

Apps can be downloaded to earn 5300+ points.

Installing them is the only way to get points.

AdGateRewards and Kiwi Wall are two ways to get your app installed.

4. Take the Quiz

You can also take the quiz to score easy points. Another topic-related quiz is also offered

These can be purchased under AdGateRewards or Kiwi Wall. These items cost anywhere from 1.00 to 1.55 points.

5. Web Search

InstaGC offers rewards to users who use their search engine to perform searches.

Just searching will not bring you any results.

InstaGC ran into technical problems, so I had the option to disable it. However, I discovered that for every ten searches, one point can be earned.

Enter a Contest to Win Points

You can also take part in contests on InstaGC to earn more points.

1. Completion Contest

Earn points in a 28-day time period.

  • Completing surveys
  • Completing tasks, except Appen
  • Completing video, excluding Hideout

Each task earned 5 points. The winner receives the most completions.

This is the reward distribution chart for you:

Randomly chosen from users who have completed at least one task. The 11th-15th placers are then selected.

2. Appen Completion Contest

Open to Users with the highest number of Appen tasks.

This is the reward distribution chart for you:

3. Decimal Pot

Enter your decimal point.

All users can contribute.

InstaGC randomly selects winners from all those who entered each week, then divides the winning pot.

To get a portion of the 123.46 points pot, you can contribute 0.15 points.

4. Sports

This contest is for you if you love sports.

You can win the pot reward by predicting the outcome of professional sports like American football, basketball, and hockey.

Being one of the top three winners can help you make a lot of money.

Is InstaGC safe?

I have reviewed their privacy statements and can confirm that the platform is safe to use.

  • Your email address and other details, including your name, will remain private.
  • The organization will not ask for your driver's license number, credit cards number, or social security number. They may request ID authentication. You can conceal or blur details.
  • They are committed to protecting children's privacy (COPPA). It is best to not register if your child is under 13 years old.

Although they are secure, it's a good idea for InstaGC to have another email address.

What does InstaGC pay you?

InstaGC will pay based on the number of deals in your dashboard. There are reasonable chances that you'll be paid

I have taken an example and added the maximum amount of points I can earn from deals in my dashboard.

  • Surveys - 1225.1 points
  • Videos - 7 points
  • Games - 564.8 points
  • App Install- 62.9 Points
  • Quiz 21.46

By reviewing I can earn 1,881.26 points ($18.86). However, this is not for any tournaments nor recommendation earnings.

The polls are not foolproof. But, I was trying to show you how many deals you can make.

It is possible that I will also receive other offers from time to time. You will need to check your dashboard regularly in order to earn more points.

Reddit lets users see other people's work. If they spend between 2 to 3 hours, some users can make $5-$7 an hour. Others average $2 per day.

The time you spend on the project will affect its outcome.

What does InstaGC pay?

Redemption Option You can redeem your points with this Redemption Option.

  • Receive gift cards for free - The minimum points can vary
  • Bitcoin- Minimum 1000 points are required
  • PayPal - You must have at least 100 points to get $1. PayPal payments can also be made after you have received $50 cash or gift cards.
  • Prepaid card
  • Donate to charity
  • Direct Deposit

You can buy gift cards in over 300 denominations, depending on where you are located.

US Members have 100 points to redeem an Amazon Gift Certificate for $1. eBay members have 500 points for $5 gift cards redemptions.

Indian customers will need 680 points in order to receive an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs500.

InstaGC Hack

Although I don't consider hacking it, sometimes you can get extra points for doing nothing. Use Facebook and Twitter to earn more points.

After you have followed their accounts you can begin to look for bonus codes and monitor their posts. Once they post it, copy the code and paste it in the Point booster codes section.

Refer To InstaGC

Referring to other people can earn you bonus points.

They will also be entitled to 10% of their earnings. For completing other tasks, however, you will get 10% of your earned points.

There are many advertising banners and pages that can help you reach more people, convert and promote your products.

Is InstaGC worth it?

It's possible to accept a few dollars per month or gift vouchers in exchange for participating in online activities.

InstaGC has received many positive reviews and I am confident that it will allow me to make more each month.

InstaGC, side hustles, and other side hustles can help to earn a decent income.

This was my #1 choice!

It isn't like InstaGC which only shows proof of success from people who were there just a few days before.

Is InstaGC Legit Or A Scam?

InstaGC is undeniably a legal website.

I was given proof that they had compensated me.

These are some payment screenshots

I did redeem $1 in PayPal cash.

While $1 isn't something I should brag about but my main goal was just to see if they sent money to my account.

According to records, InstaGC has been in business since 2011. If it were a fraud, it would have been shut down long ago.

Large social media following

  • Facebook has over 230k users.
  • Twitter has more users than 56k
  • Reddit has over 1.5 million users.

Day Online Solutions, LLC also owns the company.

These details prove that InstaGC is not a deceiver.

Starting a business is not easy.

If you are determined to do surveys, there are more options than InstaGC.

Lead Money in 2021 is the best way for you to make money from home

Our review team rated the program as the best in real estate.

This is digital, but not real estate.

Yup, Digital Real Estate!

InstaGC's weakness is its scalability.

You can't imagine working remotely for any small task.

What would you like to do with it?

With this digital real estate program, you can get clicks from any website at any time of the day.

Does it sound too good to be true!

Yes, it does!

But, it's not. Many entrepreneurs wish they had this skill.

It's easy to create a website, rank it and then send it to local business owners

For any service-based business such as tree service, plumbing, or towing.

What are the best ways to get paid?

It is simple. Once you have sent the job to a business owner, and he earns money, you can ask each other for mutual benefits.

The industry will determine the fair price per lead. It could be between 10-20 %... Let us use the tree-service industry as an example.

Let's suppose you rank the site but receive only 10 jobs each year. Tree service jobs can range in price from $500 to $2000.

At most, you should have $500 per month in assets!

This is what they refer to as a digital estate.

The rent is paid in advance.

Scaling is easy. All you have to do is make the phone ring.

InstaGC doesn't offer high-profit margins.

You can make large sums of money by not being online 24/7.

True passive income

This program is designed to help you make a living online.

Learn about the important keywords, website names, and backlinking. Also, learn how to send email notifications about calls.

After completing the training program, you will have access to a Facebook Group that answers model-related questions.

This group has more activity.

InstaGC works around your schedule. Their digital portfolio.

InstaGC differs from InstaGC. People can quit their 9-5 jobs more easily.

Digital real estate can be used to generate passive income. This will allow you to spend more quality time with your family.

You have many questions.

Check this out to find out more.

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