November 2, 2021

Do you need help incorporating your online business? might be the answer to your problem!

This blog will give an overview of and help you choose the best LLC service provider.

This review will help to find the best service providers for your LLC.

While it may help you decide the price of your business, it doesn't tell you what type of business to start.

This system made us swear by Facebook ads for good. It used the same skills, but in a more powerful way and was more lucrative.

In-Depth: Incorporate.Com Review

Total Pricing and Value

Although their rates are usually more expensive than those of their competitors, they offer little value to make up the difference.

We feel it is important to exclude the registered agent service from the packages.

The $235 registration fee for a registered representative is excessive considering that other companies are selling the service at $150 and $100 respectively.

These packages are more expensive than any other incorporation service. claims that two of their most valuable features, their compliance dashboard (and their annual report service) are included in their packages.

You can only access these two services if you sign-up for their registered agent service.

The annual reporting service costs $150/year, in addition to the $235/year registration fee.

Does that feature come with the registered agent service?

These package options might seem to justify the higher price for registered agent service. The packages don't reveal what it is.

It would seem very disappointing to pay for package features on their website, only to discover that you have to pay $235 per year to access them.

Track Record has been a trusted resource since 1899. has a wealth knowledge and experience. has been around since 19th Century, and serves almost a million customers all over the world. However, very few people have positive feedback or reviews.

There were only a few ratings on third-party sites. Most of them were not very positive.

Clients were unhappy about hidden fees and high prices. Clients also complained about how pushy and irritating they make it seem to be for them to use their registered agent services after becoming clients.

Customer Support provides standard customer service that is far above the average business in this sector.

They offer decent customer service and have chat and phone support. It does appear to vary from one representative.

Ease Of Placing An Order offers a business formation wizard. It can help you choose the business structure that you prefer and whether you need to form an LLC or company.

You'll need to consider seven up-sells after you have selected the package that you like.

It was simple to navigate the site and locate the place where you can place an order. Click on the payment tab.

Turnaround Time provides accurate lead times for expedited and regular processing prior to reaching the bottom line of your order form.

Transparency in turnaround times is key. doesn't offer overnight or same-day turnarounds like other providers.

They stated however that they would file ASAP if the owner of the business provided all necessary information. This is a fair response.

Review of Incorporate.Com: Prices and Features of the Formation Packs provides three packages for LLC and corporate formation.

It is important to remember that not all formation packages include registered agent service. An upgrade will cost $235. can be your registered agent. The address is listed below.

This reduces the spam mail you get and makes it less accessible to the public.

Access to CSC company Navigator is included in the registered agent service. This online compliance tool reminds you of important filing deadlines and gives you a checklist of things you need to do for your business. You can also store documents.

The Annual Report service is part of their registered agent service. This is the cost to use the registered agent.

Customer service was able to tell us that Essentials are $249 and Works is $349.

This means that you won't have to pay $235/year to register as an agent. Your only option is to select the Starter package, and then add each feature individually. "

These features can be misleading and deceitful.

We believe the website should be easier to use and understand. The customer service representative should not have to go into detail about the fees.

It's hard to believe that $385 in annual fees would be unadvertised. There are negative reviews from customers all over.

The Starter (99 US Dollars)

This package works best for: Business owners who don't require extra features.

Cost: $99 plus state filing fee


Document Preparation and Filing. Your LLC or corporation will be prepared and filed. A digital copy of all training documents will be provided.

Online Access.

The Essentials (49$ + $250 for Registered Agent Service + 150 for Annual Report Service = $634

This package is not recommended for: (Totally not recommended!

Pricing: $249 plus $235/year state fees and $150/year report service


Starter Package: Federal Tax ID Number, (EIN)

With your EIN, you can open bank accounts or pay taxes.

While the IRS will provide your EIN free of charge, you will need to buy this package to avoid having to go through all the hassles involved in getting it.

Business Kit & Seal. The binder will include your company name and a personal seal.

These features will be available if you upgrade the registered agent services:

CSC Navigator is a web-based compliance dashboard for companies. It tracks important dates, deadlines and files paperwork. It can also store and manage to-do lists for your company.

Annual Report service: monitors the due date and plans and files them to keep your company in good standing.

The Works (349$ + $250 for Registered Agent Service + 150 for Annual Report Service = $734

This package works best for: (totally unrecommended)

Prices: $349 plus $235/year state filing fees. $150/year for the annual report service


Essentials package

Business License Research Pack.’s Business License Research Kit will help you identify which permits, approvals and certificates are needed to comply with federal, municipal, and state laws.

These applications can be found in the Business License Research Pack. Fill them out and submit.

For more information:

Custom Operating Agreement

This operating arrangement describes how the business will operate from both financial and administrative perspectives. will prepare an operating agreement.

For Corporation:

You can make your own Bylaws. These include information such as the number of directors, dates and locations for shareholder meetings, etc.


Extensive experience. Inc. was established in 1899. It has worked with more than 700,000.

They are experts in forming LLCs and have vast knowledge that will help you answer your business questions about Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

Customer Service Accessibility. They are available via email, phone or chat.

Web Portal. This portal keeps track of the status and activities of your business services.

Corporate compliance Guarantee. offers a corporate compliance warranty as part of its LLC formation services. will pay up to $75,000 for an LLC issued.

Comprehensive guides. These guides provide detailed information for your company regarding forming a business or LLC. has a section called "learning center" on its website that offers information about how to create an LLC or a corporation.


Registered Agent Service Not included with LLC Formation. offers registered agents services but this is not included in their LLC formation packages.

They sell it instead as an option value. This could make them more expensive than those who get them for free.

Upselling. has fewer features that can lead to higher upselling.

After you have chosen a feature, you will be asked to buy additional features such as a seal, compliance kit, tax number or reporting.

Pricing. The base package was very affordable. did not include many additional features that are more costly than their competitors.

Agent services are more costly than other options, at $235 per annum plus state fees.

Business. They won’t tell you what type of business to start.

It sounds ridiculous, but it is true. If you're going to work hard to become a business owner (which can be difficult), then you might as much as make some money.

The program allowed us to grow our online business to $40,000+ per monthly. This program teaches you business skills and shows you how to make these skills more lucrative.

Other than LLC formation, what else can Incorporate.Com do? provides many services that will help you maintain compliance in your business.

  • Licenses and permits for companies
  • Annual reports
  • Operating arrangements and Bylaws
  • Certificates in good standing
  • Registered agent
  • Membership certificates and stock certificates
  • Certified copies
  • Written consent forms

They can also help with IRS filings.

They also offer mail forwarding with additional filings such as the following:

  • Foreign qualifications
  • DBA registrations
  • Conversions for entities
  • Modifications
  • Reinstatements
  • Dissolution

How does Incorporate.Com stack up to other agent services?

Numerous companies offer similar packages to

Many service providers offer companies a one-year free registration.

Legalzoom, ZenBusiness and Northwest are the three most well-known firms in the industry. They share the same market share.

Legalzoom The most popular of the three, it has helped many companies to form.

Legalzoom offers superior customer service than many other companies.

ZenBusiness comes in second place to Legalzoom when it comes to service providers that provide the best formation services at affordable prices.

ZenBusiness is an open and affordable LLC service that has received positive reviews from customers through many channels.

Although rates for Northwest Registered Agents aren't cheap, they are significantly cheaper than

Customers rate it with the highest rating. doesn't offer same-day or expedited delivery. This is a significant advantage over its competition.

Once all information has been collected, they will provide an estimate of the processing times. can be expensive for a business incorporation. prides itself on the high quality service it provides over the years.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of Incorporate.Com?'s strongest suit is longevity.

An organization that has been around for over 120 years must have done something well. Their greatest problem is their inability provide value to their customers by charging high prices for their products.

Which features should I purchase if I use Incorporate.Com?

A formation package which includes registered agent service is often the best.

The Starter Package costs $99 and the registered agent service is $235. Both packages include one-year registration as a registered agents.

Can They Offer Publishing Service?

There are different requirements for publication.

Some states require that your business formation be published in a local newspaper.

Arizona and Nebraska, for example, would require it for corporations as well as LLCs. New York and other states, however, would only require it to LLCs. does not offer publishing services.

Can Incorporate.Com help with compliance issues?

They can help you with compliance issues. You can upgrade your registered agent service for $235 per annum and an annual report service of $ 150 per annum.

It is important to note that Essentials and Works packages can't be upgraded without them being purchased.

What are their refund policies?

They have a vague refund policy. claims they will refund your money less the fee if your documents are not submitted.

The complete statement can be found on their website.

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