Goldco Precious Metals Overview

Goldco An IRA broker that deals in precious metals.

Anyone who wants to invest in retirement should research all options before converting their retirement accounts to an IRA with precious metals.

What's Goldco?

Goldco Precious Metals was established in 2006. It started in 2006 as a precious-metals firm.

GoldCo, a precious metals brokerage company, also assists customers who wish to convert to a self-directed precious Metals IRA.

In 1997, the HTMLpayer Relief Act made this possible. Certain types of bullion were also exempted from the act.

How do I invest in Goldco?

Precious metals IRAs provide great security for those who wish to invest in stocks or bonds.

Precious Metals is a very popular IRA. It offers a hard asset and not a percentage in companies which may be victims or dissolve completely.

GoldCo is a brokerage that deals in precious metals. It has been underwritten by IRAs. GoldCo clients can buy precious metals and then trade them on the exchange.

Although they do not offer storage services, they can help clients connect with associate suppliers.

Inc. Inc. Magazine ranked them among the top 5,000 privately held companies between 2015-2017. They ranked 607th in 2017, grew by 678%, and earned almost $90 million in 2017.

Precious metal IRAs or gold IRAs are risky investments.

Investment performance is not an indicator for future results. You can lose money.

Be sure to understand all charges and fees before you make an investment.

Goldco can be a good choice if you want to invest in precious metals retirement accounts.

The reliable customer service, seamless retirement account setup, low fees and access to educational materials are just some of the many benefits of.

Goldco is a great option if you want to increase your retirement savings through investing in precious metals.

What does GoldCo offer?

Precious Metals (IRAs) offered primarily through Goldco include both silver and gold IRAs.

Goldco does not control your IRA account. They cannot buy or sell precious metals.

These people will assist you in filling out your application to the guardian firm.

Goldco helps customers purchase IRS-approved bullion and coins for their Precious metals IRAs. These purchases are coordinated with the custodian.

Customers might also be eligible for assistance in buying bullion or transitioning from an established retirement account to precious metals retirement funds.

Quick overview of all products:

  • Gold IRAs- These documents provide all the information that you need to open a Gold IRA.
  • Silver IRAs- These documents provide information about how to open a Silver IRA, and what silver coins are possible.
  • Rollover- These allow for you to convert an existing IRA into precious metal IRAs.
  • Roth IRA Planning & Traditional IRA Planning- These tools allow you to compare a Roth IRA with a traditional IRA, and plug it into Precious Metal IRAs.
  • SEP IRA planning- These documents provide information about the steps that you must take to be eligible for SEP IRAs.
  • Simple IRA Planning- These guidelines will assist you in opening a Simple IRA or a Gold Simple IRA.

What Does it Cost to Invest with Goldco?

Minimum rep fee $25,000, but fees are not listed here.

A $25,000 investment will get you storage fees covered by Goldco. Credit can be used for the equivalent to silver value.

Silver is not included in an IRA account. The account owner will pay storage fees upfront.

Goldco charges $175 per year for a $25,000 investment.

Once you reach $100,000, your fees will increase to $225/year.

The Goldco website does not provide information about fees.

To find out more information about the fees we could chat live with customer service, but were told to call a Goldco representative.

Who founded Goldco?

The company was founded by Trevor Gerszt, Woodland Hills, California. Trevor Gerszt is a consultant that helps customers add precious metals into their existing IRAs.

Goldco Customer Reviews & Complaints

Goldco customers are generally satisfied with the company's products and customer service.

Goldco is rated 5-star by Consumer Affairs based on 142 customer reviews. The Better Business Bureau gives Goldco a 5-star rating based on 49 customer reviews.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Goldco's trust score has been rated 4.7/5 by 523 investors.

Most negative reviews are caused by ignorance about how precious metals prices are determined

Let's now look at the issues surrounding the value of collectible coins. This refers to the IRA value for collectible coins.

Goldco can then clarify the issue with an investor who left a negative comment. Reviewers often amend their reviews to increase the price of their coins. They explain that current prices do not reflect market values.

The Goldco Buy Back Program

Goldco markets precious metals first when it is convenient.

This works well for investors as a non-professional dealer of coins will be likely to be low-ball.

Although you don't need to sell Goldco any bought metals, it is a good practice to do so.

Opening A Goldco Precious Metal IRA

Customers may call Goldco to open a account or to complete an online application

Accessing your account will require you to provide your personal information (e.g. Your SSN.

Goldco can help you locate a custodian company with a personal account executive to handle your precious metals accounts.

We will send you a brochure when you sign up with Goldco. This brochure can be viewed before you make your final decision about which precious metals to add to you gold IRA.

For more information on this investment, see the Gold IRA Guide.

Pros & Cons Of Goldco


Precious Metals (IRAs) are a great way for you to increase your retirement savings.

These benefits are just a few of the many that Goldco accounts offer:

  • When you invest, you can forget about it. The Goldco account administrator will mail a brochure with accessible coins and bars that you can use in your silver and gold IRAs.
  • They are in good standing. Many online review sites like the Better Business Bureau have high-respected Goldco reviews.


Sometimes, it can be difficult to withdraw cash from an IRA that holds Precious metals. It is possible to have difficulty finding buyers for bullion or coins.

There are some things to consider when opening a Goldco Account.

  • Transparency: Goldco is open about the account fees.
  • Minimum Deposit
  • One cannot be added on to another. If you want to add precious metals to your Goldco IRA, they must be purchased only from Goldco.

Is Goldco A Scam?

It's not. It is definitely legal.

500 Magazine named Goldco as one of the fastest-growing companies within the precious metals IRA industry. From 2015 to 2017, their growth rate was 677%.


What's a Gold IRA Investment?

Self-directed retirement accounts, such as gold IRAs and silver IRAs, are a type that can be used to invest in gold.

Both Roth and traditional IRAs can be set up. Your existing retirement account can be used to open a new IRA.

After you have made your metal purchase, your account administrator will transfer the metals to a storage facility.

To add precious metals to an IRA, you must comply with the 99.9% purity standards set by the IRS.

What accounts can you transfer into a Goldco Precious Metals IRA?

  • 401(k).
  • 403(b).
  • Roth 401(k).
  • Roth 457(b).
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Goldco Will Take Other Brands of Gold or Silver?

    The following types of gold or silver are acceptable for a Goldco IRA:

    • American Eagle
    • Bald Eagle
    • American Eagle Proof
    • Buffalo
    • Maple Leaf
    • Lucky Dragon
    • Saltwater Crocodile of Australia
    • Royal Mint Gold Lunar Series coins
    • Gold bars
    • Silver bars
    • Royal Mint Silver Britannia Lunar Series coins
    • Silver World War I
    • Silver World War II Victory

    What should precious metals be taken into consideration?

    Do you remember the 2008 Financial Crisis (Financial Crisis)? ()

    Do you remember when so many investors lost all their clothes?

    Precious Metals can be a powerful way to prevent this kind of tragedy.

    Precious metals are not able to be traded in stocks or bonds. If the stock market crashes, silver and gold tends to rise.

    Which person is best suited for Goldco?

    This option is best for those who prefer to be hands-off. Goldco offers an investment account with self-directed silver and gold. This allows investors to protect precious metals that are not available through standard investments.

    How can I contact Goldco?

    Call to reach customer service

    • Chat live: Goldco representatives can be reached via the website.
    • Telephone: Call (877) 360-0011 Monday to Thursday, 8am - 5pm PT; Fridays 7am - 4pm PT.
    • Email to [email protected] for any questions
    • Contact form

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