A FreedomPlus personal loan may be the right option for you if you are looking to remodel your home, consolidate debts or buy a large property.

Depending on the amount and term of your loan, you may be subject to an origination fee of up to 4.99%.

This FreedomPlus review will give you some useful information before you apply for student loans.

Review of FreedomPlus

FreedomPlus appears to be a legitimate institution that offers a lending experience. FreedomPlus will assign an advisor to assist you with the application process.

FreedomPlus loan advisors offer excellent customer service. They can talk to you by phone to discuss your financial goals and personal loan requirements.

FreedomPlus Reviews:

FreedomPlus was established in 2014 as an online lender. MetaBank, Cross River and Cross River banks are responsible for FreedomPlus personal loans.

FreedomPlus does not charge payment fees, but they might not be the best choice for borrowers who wish to avoid them. Each loan will include an origination fee as well as late payment fees.

FreedomPlus loans can be used up to $7,500. Lending Tree or Lending Club is recommended for loans exceeding $1,000.

FreedomPlus personal loans may interest you.

What's a FreedomPlus Loan?

FreedomPlus Personal loan review

FreedomPlus Loans are transparent.

A discount may be offered to co-borrowers who have enough income to repay the loan. If the funds are designated for creditors, creditors may receive a 50% discount.

Many lenders don't allow borrowers to pay their creditors often. FreedomPlus encourages borrowers to repay creditors.

Apply Process

Although the application process is complicated, it is simple to understand. They will give you a customized interest rate based on your credit score, your career history, and your payments.

All FreedomPlus personal loan applicants will need to go through a soft credit assessment and interview by phone with a customer service representative.

Borrowers should call for a 15-minute conversation in order to discuss their applications and to find out if any discounts are available.

FreedomPlus believes that a phone interview is more effective than focusing solely on credit history.

FreedomPlus loans information is not available on their website for most people. A customer service representative will be happy to speak with you.

Minimum Loan Amount

FreedomPlus needs a minimum loan amount to be approved. FreedomPlus does not accept small loan applicants.

Companies like LendingClub and Upstart are the best options for borrowers looking to borrow $1,000 or more.

FreedomPlus loan terms can be obtained from 2-5 years.

FreedomPlus Origination Fee

What's it all about?

Personal loans are often offered by companies that charge an origination fee. These fees can be used to cover the application and distribution of personal loans.

Lenders charge a percentage of the loan amount instead of a flat fee. Let's assume your loan amount is $10,000.

To ensure that borrowers don't pay extra, the lender may deduct this fee.

Now let's do the math.

This is how you calculate the total amount of your loan if you borrow $10,000 Application fee: $5

  • Divise the loan amount by.95 (95 %-5 = 95% or.95 in decimal).
  • To cover all costs, you will need $10.526.32 / $10.527

How do I calculate my loan origination fee?

Different lenders might charge different origination fees. This will depend on many variables.

  • The requested loan amount
  • What is the term of the loan
  • A credit score of the borrower
  • If you have a co-borrower
  • What are the reasons you need the loan

But, high fico scores and guaranteed income might not be enough to protect you from high fees.

Consolidation loans for debt

What is a Debt Consolidation loan?

This loan can be used by borrowers who wish to consolidate other debts and only pay one monthly payment.

This can help you reduce your interest rates and make it easier to pay off your loans faster.

Consolidating your debt with consolidation loans won't help you get rid. You might pay higher interest rates on some loans than others.

Do you have trouble paying your bills? Here are some things you should do before applying for a consolidation loan.

Consider a consolidation loan to pay off your debts.

  • Discuss with your creditors the possibility of negotiating lower interest rates and accepting smaller payments.
  • All your debts can be paid at once by you. This will allow you to make multiple payments easier.
  • Talk to your credit counselor
  • Do not pay a fee to negotiate your debt

It is possible to consolidate debt in many ways.

Consider the following:

Transfers of balance

Many credit cards offer balance transfer promos at 0% for a brief time. This will lower your monthly payments for the short term.

It is important to read all terms and conditions before you apply for any new credit card. This will prevent you from making the same mistakes again.

Make sure you check the credit limit to make sure it covers the entire amount of the transfer.


A personal loan might be an option. Many lenders, such as banks or credit unions, can offer loans.

Be sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of your personal loan.

FreedomPlus Customer Service

These are just some FreedomPlus customer reviews:

"Fast and simple process. I received an email asking for more information the next day. They also gave me contact numbers so I could reach them if needed. It was everything I expected. This was a quality business. Ron - Bealeton (VA)

"Customer service was outstanding. Daniel - Ft. Worth. TX

"My loan application was quickly approved and the entire process from applying to receiving funds was very easy." Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Business Loans

FreedomPlus does not offer loans for businesses but can provide loans up to $40,000 to any business.

Chuck is a friend who owns a local lead generation business that builds websites for small businesses. He would then optimize his site for search engines to ensure it ranks well for people looking for the services he requires.

He has, for example, a website that focuses solely on heating and air conditioning.

The number is prominently displayed at top of the screen. This allows anyone to search for cooling and heating services in the area they are interested in dialing his number. The customer will be referred to a Heating & Air Conditioning provider.

You might be asking, "How can a friend make this much money?" " "

It's very simple!

Chuck made an agreement with a local HVAC man to take any leads and pay him a small portion (usually 10-15%) for any jobs he does.

Take, for example:

Let's suppose Chuck receives 30 calls from AC repair businesses in a month. These calls are forwarded to his HVAC technician.

Imagine that an HVAC technician works 20 hours.

In the United States, the average cost for servicing an air conditioner unit is between $5000 to $5500. If necessary, a higher-end replacement may be required. Let's take an example: $1,000

$1,000 x 20 = $20,000

Chuck receives 10% ($2,000)

Chuck earns $2,000 per month via his local lead generation site. He forwards only calls and messages to his local HVAC man. He currently owns 10 websites.

Chuck thought of getting a personal loan in order to create 20 local lead generation sites. He would then repeat the process.

Now he is on the right path to earning an income of almost $60,000 per month from these small websites.

His monthly income is more than $60,000, so I don’t think he will ever need a personal loan.

For more information about Local Lead Generation click here

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