December 14, 2021

CorpNet was founded in 1997. It has assisted more than 100,000 companies to be formed over its 20+ years of existence.

CorpNet offers services for LLC formation.

This CorpNet LLC review will explain the highlights of their service and help you decide whether or not you want to use it.

While it may help you decide the price of your business, it doesn't tell you what type of business to start.

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What's CorpNet?

CorpNet is a provider of incorporation services and offers professional assistance for the following.

  • LLC Formation and Incorporation - Corpnet offers efficient and reliable support in incorporating your company, forming an LLC, and filing for a DBA to allow you to legally open and operate a registered business.
  • Permits and Business Licenses -  CorpNet assists its clients to identify the tax registrations, licenses and permits they need based on their business type and location.
  • Registered Agent Services - CorpNet offers efficient and affordable registered agent services, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Annual Filings and Reports - CorpNet offers compliance monitoring services, which include ensuring that annual reports are filed correctly and on time. All states, except AL and OH, require annual report filing.
  • CorpNet LLC Pricing & Features

    CorpNet offers these LLC formation packages. Every package has its own unique features.

    Basic Package: $108 + State Fees

    This Basic Package is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who require affordable LLC formation services but still want to be able to get their tax ID number (or EIN) on their own.

    Preparation of Articles of Organization:

    These articles of organization are documents that you submit to form your LLC. CorpNet creates them and files them according to your state of formation.

    Name Verification Test:

    CorpNet will search the state's business databases to see if the name is available.

    CorpNet B.I.Z. CorpNet B.I.Z. Corporate Compliance Tool

    CorpNet B.I.Z. This corporate compliance tool reminds companies about important filing deadlines like tax returns and annual reports.

    60-Day Registered Agent Trial:

    The package includes a trial kit that allows you to test the Basic Package for 60 days

    Deluxe Package = $228 + State Fees

    CorpNet's Deluxe package provides assistance for entrepreneurs and business owners in all aspects of LLC formation, including obtaining an EIN.

    This service works best for business owners and those who are able to afford it.

    This LLC formation package includes the Basic Package and the following:

    One-year Registered Agent Service:

    A registered representative is someone who accepts documents on behalf of your company and makes sure they reach the right address.

    All 50 states, except for AL and OH require registered agents services. If you are interested in continuing the service at $149 per annum

    Federal Tax ID Number:

    CorpNet will obtain your EIN number for you from the IRS, unlike the Basic Package.

    24-Hour Document Processing:

    CorpNet allows you to submit completed forms within 24 hours of purchase.

    Print Delivery:

    CorpNet will give you a hard copy of your documents.

    Total Package: $278 + State Fees

    The Complete Package for Entrepreneurs is designed to assist entrepreneurs with all aspects related to LLC formation. This includes obtaining an EIN number, drafting an operating agreement, and other necessary paperwork.

    The Deluxe Pack and the following are part of the Complete Package:

    LLC Operating Agreement:

    This operating arrangement outlines the ownership structure and provides guidelines for the LLC's day-to-day operations. CorpNet will produce this document for you under the Complete Package.

    LLC Kit & Seal:

    A seal and kit for LLCs will be sent along with your company name.

    Advantages & Disadvantages


    • There are many positive reviews from customers! CorpNet can help you start your company.
    • All packages including Deluxe and Complete come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
    • CorpNet's personal touch and experience are what has won them praise.
    • CorpNet offers great customer support from 10 am to 8 pm ET on weekdays. They also offer bilingual support for those who prefer Spanish.


    • CorpNet's pricing can be misleading because they did not indicate that there would be an additional shipping fee.
    • The Basic package costs $108 and includes registered agents' service for 60 days. However, you will pay less but get the same service as other LLC services.

    CorpNet: How Fast Is It?

    CorpNet customers love fast transactions.

    Both the Complete and Deluxe Packages offer document preparation within 24hrs. To get the Basic Package, you will need to buy an additional.

    The processing time is affected by two factors: state filing offices, and state backlogs. CorpNet offers express processing worth $100. This will enable you to file quickly with the state and expedite your filing.

    Easy To Use

    CorpNet's website makes it easy to use.

    Ordering is simple. Every package is listed with prices, add-ons, and details.

    Each package will have additional state filing fees. Therefore, the final cost of each package is much higher than the initial fee.

    2 Popular CorpNet LLC Alternatives

    CorpNet has been a leading provider of LLC services. ZenBusiness or IncFile are other options.

    Zen Business: $39

    ZenBusiness offers a great alternative for CorpNet due to its low rates. This LLC package includes a registered agent service starting at $39

    In File: $0

    In file is another option. Silver Package includes a registered agent service for $0, valid for one year.

    This company offers more features than any other LLC service.

    How can I sign up for CorpNet Banking?

    These are the steps to sign up at CorpNet Banking

    1. Select the "Existing Users Activation” option.
    2. Enter your CORPNET USER ID and verification code.
    3. Click the button
    4. Confirm your mobile number with OTP
    5. Choose the Password Reset option
    6. Enter your Corporation bank net banking number.
    7. Enter your OTP details.

    CorpNet Reviews by Customers

    The majority of 400 CorpNet reviews you will find online are positive.

    CorpNet's exceptional customer service and ease of use in providing their services is another positive aspect.

    You can browse Trustpilot ratings to see their customer reviews. CorpNet seems like they have a great relationship.

    CorpNet offers a Registered Agent Service

    Yes. Registered agent service is available at $149 per annum in the Basic, Deluxe, and Complete packages. They provide a 100% satisfaction warranty.

    CorpNet: Does it Work for You?

    CorpNet is highly recommended. This company has a lot of experience in LLC formation services.

    Their skills and efficiency are impressive, but their personal touch makes them popular with clients.

    These services may not be appropriate for all clients.

    CorpNet: When is it a good idea for an LLC to be formed?

    CorpNet could be the right company for you if customer service is important to you. They are trustworthy and reliable.

    CorpNet: When you should not form an LLC

    They will be charged less than their competitors. Other LLC formation services providers offer lower rates and include one year of registered agent services.

    They will not tell you what type of business to start.

    This may sound sexist but it is a great idea. If you're willing to work hard to become a successful business owner, which is not easy, then you might as well make some money.

    My online business grew to more than $50,000 per month. The program teaches business skills and shows how to monetize them in a more lucrative way.

    CorpNet offers excellent customer support

    Customers leave glowing reviews on the internet including Facebook about CorpNet's customer service.

    CorpNet is the market leader in customer feedback. They have 292 reviews and an average score of 9.7 out of 10. You can get a refund for all fees.

    Do you have a policy for refunds?

    They have a policy of refunds. They will then return 100% of your purchase without asking any questions.

    Do you need to reserve your LLC name before forming an LLC through CorpNet?

    You can reserve your name in your state to ensure your LLC is created.

    Alabama may sometimes ask that you reserve your company name. However, it is not required.

    CorpNet is able to handle state-specific requirements regarding LLC formation services such as New York Publication or Alabama Name Reservation.

    CorpNet provides excellent services for LLC formation. These lawyers will give you all of the legal advice required for your LLC's formation.

    CorpNet is able to assist you with any state-related needs, including publication service, name reservation, and other state-related issues.

    CorpNet Can Do More than Just LLC Formation

    They provide services that go beyond LLC formation.

    They include an automated corporate compliance tool and registered agent service. Annual reports are also available. They offer dissolutions, amendments, and foreign qualifications.

    Join programs such as the affiliate program with a referral program, partner program, and affiliate commissions. Earn additional (referral fees, partner program commissions, and affiliate Commissions, etc.) in all of these programs.

    I have heard that LLC services such as Legal Zoom offer a lot more upsells than they are worth.

    Yes, they do. But they won't oversell you or make you feel obligated to upgrade to premium plans.

    I don't like the fact that CorpNet doesn't provide shipping cost transparency

    In addition to the price on the website, an additional $29 will be required for you to purchase a few documents.

    CorpNet Reviews: Is CorpNet Legit For LLC Formation?

    CorpNet offers a legit service to help you form an LLC.

    Their positive customer reviews have earned them a high ranking online. Clients praise their speed and efficiency in forming an LLC.

    Could that be your answer?

    You can create a profitable, successful online business.

    This was my #1 choice!

    It's not like incorporating. This is real proof that real people have achieved success just a few short days ago.

    CorpNet Reviews: Final Verdict

    CorpNet has the best LLC formation services provider. They offer superior customer service and a satisfaction warranty.

    They offer affordable packages that can be used to start a business. There are many other options.

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