October 6, 2021

What's CashCrate?

CashCrate is a GPT site that allows you to make money online.

Patrick Clochesy - Who's your friend?

CashCrate was established in 2006 in Las Vegas (USA) by Patrick Clochesy. He was CashCrate’s General Manager from November 2008 to March 2019. Clochesy was then appointed Director of Technology at Powercode.

He currently has 82% approval.

CashCrate LLC is a scam?

CashCrate can be trusted 100%. CashCrate cannot be trusted. This is not a fast way to make lots of money.

The company's basic purpose is to assist you in achieving your goals.

Multiple plans of action are essential.

CashCrates Ltd was closed?

Official numbers show that Cash Crate's GPT program was shut down on April 1. The website of the company was transformed into a list ways to make money online.

Members who didn't reach minimum payout levels as set by part CashCrate’s GPT site weren't able to redeem the balances or receive final payments. These angry individuals called the entire program a fraud.

CashCrate's website is intended to collect referral fees. CashCrate is not recommended by many people.

CashCrate: What does it do?

CashCrate reviews show that members can make more money by accepting more offers and surveys.

There are many reviews that have proven this to be true: You can't make a lot of cash signing up for CashCrate, or taking surveys. A review revealed that the commissions you get are much lower than you might expect.

CashCrate - How can you make money?

The Cash Crate has many options to make cash.


1. Surveys.

Get Special Offers

2. Offers are the best way for you to make money.


3. Shop.


4. Referrals.

Video Games and Bonuses Entertainment

5. Videos, bonuses, and games.


6. Contests.

Is cash crates a scam or real?

CashCrate was a legitimate reward program, as we have already stated. It is a fraud.

CashCrate was founded in 2006 and now has more than two million members

One cashCrate reviewed revealed that the company is in line with similar reward programs offered by other companies. Participants are paid to play video games and participate in contests.

One review suggests that large companies want to promote their products online. Members will have to complete surveys, review products and reward customers for shopping online.

How do I join Cash Crates?

Sign up now to get $1 instantly

You will be notified by email when you have signed up. To start earning, it is advantageous to know English.

CashCrate Reviews

A rewards program that offers multiple market research surveys and polls can earn you a payout. You may have to cancel your trial because you forgot.

You may have paid for something you did not need.

One review stated that there is a structural problem with Cash Crate. The setup is not functional.

Review of Other Cash Crate Options

There are some people who think that joining a company is a waste of time.

CashCrate has received no negative reviews.

One review revealed that CashCrate has many loopholes.

CashCrate Review - Is it a scam?

To earn money in this company, you only need to visit the site and look for ways to earn. Earning points and redeeming them for cash rewards are two other ways to make money.

However, redeeming rewards and earning points can be more difficult than with other companies offering similar programs. Some reviews suggest that it's better to spend your time elsewhere.

CashCrate differs from other websites in that it relies on offers and surveys from survey sites. People may have trouble exiting offers.

This is a great way to make a quick buck. You may receive between 10 and 2 dollars for giving out personal information. Other factors will also play a role.

Although most offers are free, you may need to pay for trial memberships or subscriptions to magazines.

Would you like to try cashcrate?

It is estimated that the company distributed more $4,000,000 to its 7,000,000 members. That amounts to $2 USD per member.

Cashcrate is a great choice for people who want to have fun or for people who are bored.

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