Bob Proctor Coaching Review - Scam Artist?

Another online money guru, he is known for his seminar on fixing your mindset to increase your income.


You can still make an emotional decision by attending a seminar that is expensive, but you can also view it online.

We don't want you to be unhappy with your parents and throw away THOUSANDS of dollars.

This book is supposed teach you how to become a business mogul. It's not affordable for students with student loans and limited resources.

This is false. Sending positive vibes out to the universes and positive thinking won't make you a millionaire.

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This review must be honest...

Bob Proctor's seminars can give you valuable information that will help you make more money and land larger deals

He's old AF!

This YouTube video will answer all of your questions about Bob Proctor's seminars, and the wasteful spending of money on hype seminars in general.

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The following is a longer article.

Let's talk to Bob Proctor now!

Bob Proctor’s Review: The Good And The Bad

What do we like?

  • These guidelines will help you to create a long-term plan of action
  • Motivational speaking is not the best way to teach.
  • Everybody has access to all information
  • Many self-help books on success in life have been written by author

What We Didn't Like:

  • Some products can be very expensive.
  • Some people are skeptical and won't believe everything they hear.
  • If cancelled 21 days in advance, refunds will be given for lectures and workshops.

Who is Bob Proctor?

Bob Proctor, motivational speaker and promoter of The Law of Attraction, is

This was a turning point in his life: It made it crystal clear that he is meant for success.

He attributes his success to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Let's look back at Bob Proctor's childhood.

Bob Proctor was 26 years old, a college dropout and working odd jobs to make ends meet. He wanted to find out where his life would lead him.

He was introduced to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill by his mentor. This was the turning point in Bob Proctor’s career. He was inspired by the book to set higher goals and achieve greater success in life.

Bob’s Story: From Zero To Hero: What was his secret?

Proctor started a business that provided cleaning services to corporations. Proctor saw his business grow quickly, from just a few thousand dollars annually to $175,000.

His business grew to include international cities like Toronto and Cleveland. Earl Nightingale offered Earl Nightingale a job as a personal trainer and author in 1961.

After working with Earl, Proctor rose to the top in society. Proctor was promoted quickly to vice-president of sales.

Bob Proctor made the decision to share his knowledge and experience.

Proctor felt the need for others to hear his thoughts and start teaching about human success. Proctor began to hold motivational workshops in Canada and the United States.

Proctor started his career in this field at that time. Proctor continues to be a wealth-creating Guru.

Mentor, Author, Businessman, and Motivational Speaker.

His books and seminars can teach us many things. His unique ability to inspire confidence and hope in his audience is what makes him so special.

Proctor started motivational speaking and built a conglomerate that includes 19 companies offering a range of personal development services. They covered many topics, including book publishing and personal coaching.

He is a well-respected and respected authority on wealth creation.

Bob Proctor, CEO of Life Success was a well-known person whose fame spread far and wide. He worked with famous people like Larry King and Ellen DeGeneres.

Proctor has appeared on their shows. We do not know much about Proctor's private lives, except that he is married to Brian Proctor and has a son.

Bob Proctor appeared at International Phenomenon That Made Headlines - The Secret

Larry King Live interviewed Proctor regarding self-development. Proctor spoke of how it was crucial to strive to be our best selves and to develop those qualities to help us continue on the road to success. He also spoke out about the importance of imagination in making people happy and helping them achieve their dreams.

Bob Proctor, The Law of Attraction

Bob has many products. I won't be able to cover them all, but I will mention some. You will be surprised to learn that Bob's products are based on the Law of Attraction.

Proctor didn't invent this idea.

Understanding the Law of Attraction does not require you to know anything. Success in life is a function of how you think.

Positive thoughts can bring more happiness to your life. Bob's courses and products are designed to shift your mindset and help attract the wealth you desire.

Here are some Bob Proctor quotes you should look at:

  • Thoughts can become things. You can hold it in your hands.
  • Set yourself a goal to achieve something amazing and exhilarating, that thrills you and the entire world.
  • Changes are inevitable, but personal growth can be achieved.
  • "Most people don’t want what they want. Even the most determined goal-seekers, most people don't want to achieve what they believe they can. "
  • "The only thing that can limit our lives are the limits we place on ourselves." 
  • "If you see yourself as abundant, abundance will come to you."

What is Bob Proctor Masterclass price?

A $50DVD for $89 or $595 isn't going to leave anyone in financial ruin. A high-return investment will give you a great return on your money.

But, you must be able to pay the $4,000 and $15,000 for six-day Matrixx. Although the event lasts six consecutive days, $15,000 seems a lot to many people.


A 6 Day Trip?

What's your plan?

Mentorship to live a full life with ongoing training and access 24/7?


Lead Money are the top recommendations for all of these!

Anyone can use these tools to increase productivity in a well-respected business.

Elite Programs come with a money-back guarantee. You must notify them by the deadline of 21 days before the event to be eligible for the money-back guarantee.

Matrixx can all be bought by the wealthy.

Bob Proctor has one billion dollars. What does Bob Proctor make?

Bob Proctor has a net worth of $20 million. Proctor has been helping people for more than 40 years to improve their brains and live happy, fulfilling lives. reports Bob Proctor currently makes $9,497.72 an hour and $395.74 a day as of press time.

Bob Proctor: What's Success?

Bob Proctor's definitions of success are based on Earl Nightingale. Success is someone who believes in a worthy ideal. A farmer who is passionate about growing plants is more likely than not to succeed.

A woman who is an entrepreneur because she has a dream.

One of the keys to a successful office manager is someone who works hard for their company's success. You will succeed no matter how many setbacks or how long it takes to reach your goals in affiliate marketing, or other business ventures, as long as you keep the goal clear.

How is the Proctor Gallagher Institute run?

Sandy Gallagher, Bob Proctor, and other Proctor Gallagher Institute experts offer business and life coaching.

They aim to improve everyone's quality of life by improving their thoughts.

Review of Proctor Gallagher Institute

Sandy Gallagher says that Proctor's workshop changed her life. Before meeting Proctor, she was a bank attorney.

This institute was established to educate and empower students. The institute offers seminars and products that help students understand the universe and laws. The institute's mission aims to help people realize their full potential through their minds.

Is Bob Proctor a Scam?

Bob Proctor doesn't commit fraud.

This strategy is great for many people.

We can help you create a successful, profitable online business.

This was my #1 choice!

This is not Bob Proctor Coaching & Thought. You can see the proof of success in people who were there just a few days before.

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