What's the first thing you think of when you hear "MLM"? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "MLM?"
It is also known as "scam" and "pyramid scheme".

Could this be true?

Sometimes it is true.

Are all MLMs evil? No.

Do your research because there are many MLM companies that you should avoid.

I am here to help! This is how it works.

1.) Based on their revenue, we rank the top 132 network marketers.

2.) Google Trends is a great way to find MLMs that are rising in popularity.

This is what most MLMs do.

They are popular within two to three years. They lose their popularity.

Join an MLM business that is growing in popularity.

Our research showed that MLMs with the highest reputation are expected to grow in popularity by 2021.

Next, we'll discuss an alternative to MLM. The Lead Generation Business is my top recommendation for passive income.

Let's begin by looking at top MLM companies according to revenue.

Top 132 Network Marketing Companies Rankings based on Revenue (Updated 2021)

How to tell which MLM is ascending vs. Descending?

MLM is not meant to make a living. Most people are. A company on the rise doesn't require you to be a professional to make money.
Before joining an MLM, I did some research on Google.com/trends.

This will show the search volume for the company name beginning in 2004.

This is a sign that the economy has been growing. This is what you want.

Positive signs include a steady rise in search volume over time.

This trend is much more common than you might imagine. This involves a company's popularity rising rapidly when it enters the market and then slowly declining over time.

It could indicate excessive saturation, although I'm not sure why.

Sometimes, you may find companies that are ahead of the curve.

Good graphs show that the graph is growing in the beginning, and then stays steady over the entire period. It is therefore durable. This could be due to the great products.

This article will provide you with some examples of consistency.

Take care! Avoid joining MLM companies that encourage such behavior.

You should understand the reasons this works, I believe.

It is essential to conduct research. I will continue to do so.

A popular MLM can be the difference between success or failure.

Trustworthy businesses should have sound business practices, ethical leaders and products that work.

Products that are already on the market add real value.

A company that sells BS is not a good choice. Your entire business could be shut down by the FTC.

Now, who are you looking to find?

Let's see what happens.

Top 11 Trendiest MLMs that are on an Upward Tick

It would shock you to know how many MLMs have failed, and how they are losing popularity. MLMs that don't make money are not something you want to be a part.

These companies were very popular when we reviewed the best MLM companies. These companies can generate income and are worth investigating.

1.) Amway

Amway was founded in 1959. Amway still sells a variety of beauty and wellness products. Many products can help you lose weight such as laundry detergent and household cleaners, eye and lips care, and even laundry detergent.

They offer a solid compensation plan as well as many bonuses for new distributors. Google Trends has been a popular tool over the years, with a slight increase in popularity in recent years. Google estimates that Amway receives 1,830,000 searches per month.

2.) Avon Products

Avon was founded in 2021 and has been around for over 135 years. This is amazing. This is incredible. This MLM is trending down, as you can see in the Google Trends data. They've been around for more than a century so I don’t worry about them.

What is the profit you can make from Avon products? You can earn 25% on everything you sell. You can earn $20 for every $200 you sell in your sales campaigns. You'll get a 10% bonus for every 1,000 cumulative sales. Invite others to join your ranks and help you in your business. You could earn bonus points.

If you are looking for an MLM company with longevity, Avon may be the right choice.

3.) Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition offers several ways for "Independent Distributors", to participate in the program. They can choose to (1) purchase HN products at a discounted price for their family or (2) sell HN product to make a profit or (3) recruit other people who are interested in buying or selling HN products.

You will need to first complete the distributor training in order to purchase a conversion kit at $59.95. Once you have completed the training, you can start making money by selling their products at discounted prices. Depending on how many products you sell, the price can rise up to 50%. People will continue to seek out healthy food and nutrition. Modern society places nutrition and health as top priorities.

If you are passionate about health products and want to make a living, this MLM might appeal to you.

4.) Mary Kay

This is only for women. Mary Kay is another MLM company that has stood the test of time.

Have you ever seen a pink Cadillac before?

Mary Kay products are available at half the price and you can then sell them. Your pricing decisions are entirely yours. Mary Kay products could sell at half the retail price, and you can make up to 50% profit.

Mary Kay's starter package is just $100 This deal is much more affordable than other MLM startup programs that can be quite expensive.

This might be a good MLM to look into if you are interested in a national brand, have a network of people who trust you and may be interested the products.

5.) TupperwareBrands

Did you know Kleenex is the name for every tissue ever created?

Although it may be hard to believe, every plastic container that I owned as a child was "Tupperware", regardless its brand. Tupperware is a well-known name. This will assist you in the event that the item is sold.

There are many other products available than the one-inch square my mother used to make leftover rice. This brand is a great choice for anyone looking to join the MLM. Even more interesting is the fact that they have seen a rise of popularity according to Google Trends graph.

This is rare in MLMs that have been around for a long time. To access a variety of digital tools, anyone can use the virtual kit from Tupperware to start a company. It only costs $15 This is an amazing deal! This is a great example of how they empower their partners to keep up with the modern world.

This could explain their continued strength after all these years.

6.) Atomy

Atomy is an MLM offering Korean skincare and cosmetics with all-natural ingredients. It was established in 2009. It also sells dish detergent and other products for health.

The US headquarters is in Washington. Their motto is "Absolute quality, absolute price". They are dedicated to making their products easily accessible. They also offer multi-tiered, comparable compensation plans to other MLMs.

The maximum commission you can earn is 35% of your total sales plus any bonuses. Atomy has seen a rise in popularity over the years. This MLM is designed for those who are interested cosmetics and skincare. Google estimates that there are 135,000 searches per month for "Atomy" on Google.

7.) Norwex

Norwex was established in 1994. The company's most popular product is the ultra microfiber antimicrobial fabric, which cleans homes without harmful chemicals. Their motto is "improve quality of life by drastically reducing the use chemicals in our homes".

Solid compensation plans are available with 35%, which is the highest level in MLM's. Prices start at $5, and can go up to $112. These products are extremely affordable, and can be purchased at prices between $55 - $112. This is because of their strong marketing and product.

Its 2-year warranty is remarkable. It boasts great customer reviews and is a solid MLM company. Google searches for Norwex average 165,000 each month. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and searching for millwork services or home remodeling, visit their website

8.) Legal Shield

LegalShield provides the following legal services starting at $20 per Month

Identity theft protection can be purchased for $14.95 per monthly. LegalShield makes it easy for you to recruit others to the program. If the product is sold, you will still receive a commission.

LegalShield Associates can take advantage of prepaid legal services. This may require some knowledge in legal matters. As associates grow, it is not clear how consistent they will provide leads.

If you're interested in this niche, LegalShield is the best MLM. Their popularity has increased steadily, Forbes ranking them as the 78th most-popular company in America. Google puts LegalShield's monthly searches volume at 22,000

9.) Plexus Worldwide

Plexus is a well-known company that has created a variety of body creams as well as other supplements to help with nutrition, skin care, and weight loss.

Plexus Slim, their flagship product, can be mixed with water. Although it does not contain caffeine, this product is very effective in burning calories as well as fat. It is also thought to raise blood sugar, healthy cholesterol, as well as lipid levels. Solid pay plans are offered by the company, with 25% at the top and 15% to 10% at the bottom.

Plexus has been a very popular choice over the years. With some indications of increasing sales, they will be strong in 2021. Plexus' product has a simple user interface and is well-respected because of its delicious taste. Google estimates that Plexus receives 301,000 monthly searches.

10.) Modere

Modere introduced Modere to the market in 2015. Modere's products can be used for personal, home, and health care as well as collagen science and household items. These products have been around for over 25 years. Neways International is a new MLM.

Although it is not the highest commission, solid retail commissions at 10-20% are a solid compensation plan. Earnings can be as low as 3-5% for up to eight levels. Biocell collagen is their most popular product, as well as their weight management line.

Modere CellProof Serum, an anti-aging serum, is extremely popular. Modere CellProof Serum is a very popular anti-aging serum that has seen steady growth in popularity since its inception in 2015. This is a great MLM opportunity because they have many interesting products. Google has estimated Modere's monthly searches volume at 135,000.


OPTAVIA is their main product in MLM.

Distributors are health coaches who sell products and help customers and potential recruits eat keto. This includes five meals per daily. Before direct selling (MLM), doctors offered OPTAVIA diets for patients to lose weight.

These meals are great for those who travel and can be carried around with them throughout the day. Google Trends shows their increasing popularity with 165,000 monthly searches of "OPTAVIA"

98% of people who sign up to join MLMs in 2021 fail. Here are the reasons:

Did you know that MLM businesses have a high rate of attrition?
98% 98% is the failure rate, and not the success rate.

Many of your dreams will become reality, banks will be empty, and the wicked will rule. They are still available, so don't let this discourage you from getting the next hot ticket!

Jon M. Taylor (MBA Consumer Awareness Institute) gave the bad news at 98%. Why is there such a high failure rate? Here are the top 5 reasons people don't succeed in MLM.

Top Reasons People Fail in MLM Businesses

  1. Inadequacy of sales/marketing skills. MLM distributors have a difficult time getting to know people and selling their products.
  2. Products lack passion. It can be hard to convince others that your passion is for the products you sell.
  3. If you lack interpersonal skills, network marketing is not right for you. MLM requires charisma and leadership skills.
  4. The internet is almost an illegal tool for lead generation. It's almost illegal to use social media to generate leads.
  5. Too many people joining a company can lead to brand saturation. MLM distributors have specific rules regarding when to join a company. If the company is not growing, it can be difficult for a team to form.
  6. The negative press about the company has been a constant feature over the years. In a number of cases, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has closed down large corporations. They are accused of being similar to an illegal pyramid scheme, which causes distributors to lose their income overnight.

Why did I quit MLM? How can I make 6 figures online by 2021? - Creating Leads for Small Businesses

When I was ready to quit my 9-to-5 job to pursue the life that I desired, network marketing was what I thought of first. Empower Network was only beginning to grow in 2013. It cost $1500 to join.

It was amazing to me. It was difficult to generate leads for a network marketing company.

I was not thrilled to recommend their products my family and friends. I remember that 98% of network marketers did not have the same skills as those who were successful through network marketing.

  • How to create leads online using a blog
  • Producing YouTube videos consistently will generate leads.

I was not in my comfort zone. However, it was a valuable experience that taught me valuable lessons. Marketing skills were essential. It is a great skill to rank websites and receive free traffic.

My upline made money ranking blogs that were focused on keywords like "empower Network review" and other keywords that are related to "Empower Network."

I was so inspired, I signed up for a coaching course that taught me how to make money from home by building small business leads. I learned how to make my own lead generation websites through this training.

Six months after joining the mentorship program I was working with many clients, earning $3,000 per monthly. I was able quit my job.

MLM is a great way of making a living. To generate leads, it is essential to keep learning how to market online. They don't quit and they never give up. However, they rush to start a business and do not have the skills to make a living. With free traffic, you can create leads and grow your business.

This is the biz-model in a nutshell.

Biz owners can receive free traffic to help them achieve their goals. This will make you a lasting impression before they even speak with you. You can also visit my lead gen website Renton Heating Venting & Cooling Specialists.

Let the leaders speak.

You don't have to sell. You will learn something new from this business. It is very important to generate leads. The internet and small businesses are not going away anytime soon.

Smart business owners know that marketing is an important area. Since 2014, my lead gen websites have been bringing me $750 per monthly like a clockwork.

My world's leads = $$$!
It's similar to building legal money printing machine. It is possible to escape the 9-to-5 grind. You can have more time by making a passive income.

To learn more about the lead-generation model, click here It is easy to understand and you will see why it is so clever. You can see that lead generation is the best method to start an online company.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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