Tired of getting paid a salary only to get a new one?

Do your emergency expenses require extra cash?

Ace Cash Express can be a great option if you need additional cash to pay your next payday.

Let's start with a brief overview.

Ace Cash Express Review


  • Guaranteed satisfaction within 72 hours
  • Within one business day, funds are available
  • If you are in need of a short-term loan, this is the best option.
  • A credit score is not necessary
  • No collateral required
  • No prepayment penalties
  • You can use it online or in-store
  • It is quick and easy for you to approve


  • Loan access status Various states have different loan access
  • Inflation rises


  • Maximum Loan Amount: $100-$2,000
  • Lending Terms: 8-30 Days
  • Variable APR Rates (depending upon the loan term and borrowed amount): These can vary.
  • Min. Credit Score: Not specific
  • CSO fees are thirty dollars per 100-dollar
  • Financing Time: One business day
  • Decades of Business Success
  • BBB Rating A+
  • Availability in the Twenty States

What's Ace Cash Express?

Ace Cash Express was founded in 1968 and is based in Texas.

Ace Cash Express offers the following financial services:

  • Payday loans
  • Installment loans
  • Check Cashing
  • Title loans
  • Monthly bill payment
  • Wire Money Transfer
  • Cashing in on a check
  • Money orders
  • Prepaid debit card services

What's Ace Cash Express?

Let's start with their payday loans.

You can use this short-term loan to pay for your bills until payday.

What's Ace Cash Express?

An installment loan can be repaid monthly. The principal loan and interest will need to be repaid each month.

Ace Cash Express can help you make an online application if you meet all the eligibility requirements.

Title loans are not the same as other loans. Secured by collateral, Ace Cash Express Loans are secured by collateral.

What type of personal loan Ace Cash Express offers?

You need to understand all the options and risks before you take out a loan through ACE.

Ace Cash Express offers Payday loans

Yes. Yes. Payday loans can be obtained in amounts as small as $500. They are due by the next pay period.

These services are meant to provide emergency funds but can be expensive - often at triple-digit interest rates This could lead to further debt.

ACE may be an option for those who cannot get a payday loan.

Ace offers payday loans in 13 US states. A maximum of $500 may be available.

You will need to repay your payday loan along with all borrowing costs, just like other payday loans.

Ace Cash Express Installment Loans

Installment loans may be an option if you already have an ACE account but want to repay the loan faster.

Installment loans provide predictable monthly payments.

The terms of an installment mortgage repayment are dependent on your credit history and financial history Higher interest rates will apply to those with poor or bad credit.

This is how it works with ACE.

Customers with ACE pay higher interest rates than other lenders despite predictable monthly payments. The APR for an installment mortgage with Ace is not lower than what you would pay to open a traditional or online account.

Do your homework before you agree to any installment mortgage offered by any lender.

Ace Cash Express offers many financial services and products

ACE offers additional financial services to unbanked companies in addition to loan options.

  • Cashing checks, including tax refunds.
  • Prepaid debit accounts
  • Expenses payments
  • Title loan

You can find these services elsewhere. Compare payday loan options before making a final decision.

Read the terms before you use these items. ACE offers many educational FAQ materials.

Ace Cash Express is perfect for who?

Ace Cash Express is a loan that's ideal for those who need to borrow a small amount quickly to pay off their next payday.

It's easy to apply. There are no requirements.

Ace Cash Express doesn't make a great option due to its high cost. Ace Cash Express may be an option if you need a larger loan.

How can I get started with Ace Cash Express?

Ace Cash Express makes borrowing money easy online and in-store through their website.

Review the requirements before you apply for Ace Cash Express loans

These steps will help you get an Ace online loan.

  • Go to their website at Acecashexpress.com
  • Click the financial service you wish to use and then click Apply.
  • Next, you'll need to create a free program.

Please complete the following information:

  • The nature and purpose of the loan
  • Last and first names
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Are you renting or owning a property?
  • Are you considering filing for bankruptcy?
  • Information for active military personnel

Next, fill in your financial information. You will be notified when your application for Ace Cash Express has been processed.

Online Ace Cash Express reviews showed that many applicants misunderstood pre qualification to loan approval. It is important to read the complete program description.

What are the requirements for using ACE Cash Express?

These are the Ace Cash Express requirements for a payday loan:

  • You should not be younger than 18 years.
  • Must be a resident in the state where you are applying.
  • You should not file for bankruptcy.
  • Active participation in the military is impossible.
  • A steady income stream is essential (employees and retirees),
  • A valid social security number (or personal taxpayer ID) is required.
  • A bank account is required.
  • Ace installment loans are required for the same reasons as their payday needs.

These are the requirements for title loans

  • Give your name a definite title
  • Valid government-issued photo identification
  • Unstoppable income stream

Ace Cash Express Security and Privacy

Ace Cash Express might also collect personal information, such as:

  • Information regarding your checking account and Social Security Number
  • Credit history and also transaction history
  • Your data is used to advertise and for business purposes.

Call 800-224-4338 to discuss privacy concerns with Ace Cash Express customer service.

Ace Cash Express provides customer support

Ace Cash Express customer service can be reached via email, phone, or the talking option on their website.

Contact the Ace Cash Express customer service number depending on the financial service you require assistance with.

Online loans

  • Payday loans: (866. 355-6815
  • Installment Loans are available at (877.876-2274
  • Title loans are available by calling (877.769-2172).


  • Lenders: Call (888) 753-2355
  • Title Loan Collections: 1-800-817-5106
  • Return checks: (888.753-2367

Store loans: (877). ACE-CASH

Customers of ACE Prepaid Debit Card: (866-387-77363

This is their complete contact information.

Ace Cash Express Ratings & Reviews

Visit multiple Ace Cash Express ratings from customers today!

Trustpilot has 10,139 Ace Cash Express ratings. The company has a rating of 4.

These are our top Ace Cash Express loan reviews.

  • It is easy to use.
  • Ace Cash Express is easy to use
  • Simple and quick service & process
  • This is an excellent way to get financial assistance in an emergency.

These are some of the most common complaints about Ace installment loans reviews.

  • Ace Cash Express declined customers who wanted to renew or refinance their loans.
  • High interest rates.
  • No place for the financially challenged.

Many clients who took out payday loans were happy with the assistance they received in times of financial crisis. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many clients couldn’t afford the monthly fees.

Ace Cash Express doesn't have a Consumer Affairs accreditation. There are 333 Ace Cash Express reviews and a 1.5-star rating.

Ace Cash Express's most common comment on consumer Affairs is that fees are so high that clients don't have the option to negotiate if they can't pay the full amount.

Ace Cash Express Reports To The Credit Bureau

Ace Cash Express also has an A+ rating by the Greater Business Bureau. Ace Cash Express customer ratings on BBB average 1 star.

We also looked at Ace Cash Express Reddit complaints about high fees for Ace Check Cashing or payday loans.

Ace Cash Express has experienced many issues with customers who haven't completed their transactions on time.

This site contains many articles that talk about Ace Cash Express' expertise frauds.

Ace Cash Express called or emailed customers to inform them that their loan had been paid off.

Do you remember that Ace Cash Express was also involved in a lawsuit against Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

Review of Ace Cash Express Conclusion

Let's discuss what we loved about Ace Cash Express.

Apply for this job by choosing this category. The funds will be available in less than one hour.

You can also apply in person.

We like that you can only borrow very little. Ace Cash Express will help you get a loan starting at 100 dollars.

We liked that there wasn't a minimum credit score requirement. Ace Cash Express is a great option for those who need small, unsecured loans in order to improve their credit scores.

We didn't like the high prices.

These loans are great if you have high interest rates and don't have enough money to pay them off.

If Ace Cash Express isn't for you, we have opinions about the best personal loan companies.


Is Ace Cash Express legal

Ace Cash Express was founded in 1968.

What's Ace Cash Express' Deposit Times?

Once you have been approved, your Ace Cash Express private cash loan can be processed in under one business day.

Ace Cash Express will check your credit.

Ace Cash does not require credit ratings for lending but will review your credit history before making a decision.

Ace Cash Express Funds Private Checks

Ace Cash Express offers cash payroll checks and individual checks as well as federal checks.

For what amount would Ace like to cash a check?

Ace Cash Express may request a percentage of your total payment in order to verify your services. Enter your ZIP code in the "Find My Store Package".

Can I go to jail for not paying Ace Cash Express?

Ace Cash Express can often take you to trial if your payments have not been paid on time. Ace Cash Express can also provide opinions on Consumer Affairs.

Ace Cash Express could garnish your wages

To allow lenders to garnish wages, a court order must be obtained. This fact sheet is available from the US Department of Labor.

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